Coffee Shop Love Story Part II

The girl in her story peeked back. It wasn’t a full look back but her character couldn’t resist the temptation of sneaking a glance. Typical, she knows. And she, the writer couldn’t help herself either. She looked up. She wouldn’t deny her appeal to him because it was there. He was attractive and if she could she would stare at him all day. But one thing she could do is deny her heart and what it thinks it wants. I mean the last time she gave in it broke into pieces. The two girls who she noticed before got up and walked out the door but not without sneaking a glance at Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes. They giggled. She shifted in her seat, uncomfortable with the attention he was drawing to their table. She looked back at her journal. She got further ahead then she had expected. Although she wasn’t sure how she felt about the dialogue she wrote. The door dinged and she ignored it. Engrossed into her story she hadn’t noticed The Blonde had come back and was standing next to her man…the man…a man. She heard The Blonde’s voice and forced herself to keep her head down. “I just wanted to come and say hi.” Her voice was low for a female but sounded sweet. ‘Charmingly sweet,’ she thought. Breaking her mantra to kept her head down. Her eyes on the other hand looked up. The blonde looked confident. The Blonde stood tall with her shoulders back. One hand on her hip the other on the table. Her body clearly and open invitation for him to talk to. Clear telltale signs she was into him. He on the other hand had his body facing straight towards the table only his head was faced in her direction. He seemed more closed off. “Hey, ” a short response. Now she was definitely interested in this interaction. Her brain began forming ideas. “Well…I guess bye.” The Blonde looked confused. “Bye,” he gave her a quick smile before returning to his phone. The Blonde walked away shoulders slumped. Her friend waiting for her outside. She felt bad. “That wasn’t exactly nice.” Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes looked at her. She felt her stomach drop. “I know but I also know what she wanted and frankly she’s not my type.” She made a face, “And what made you think she wanted to be anything more than friends?” He smirked and that irritated her. “You’re the people watcher I bet you could tell.” Okay, so she maybe could. The Blonde’s cheeks had turn pink, her pupils dilated, her voice a tad too sweet, and her body language gave it away but she wasn’t about to let him know he was right. “She seemed nice. Nothing wrong with being just friends.” She sipped her tea. “I have enough friends.” He was very firm with his voice whenever he spoke. “You can never have enough friends,”  she fired back. She sat her tea down. He smiled and she felt her face turn red. “True, nevertheless I did make a new one today.” She stared in disbelief. “Yeah, are you sure they want to be friends with you back?” She ended a sentence in her journal. He eyed her, “why not?” She ignored his question. She felt the table shift and creak. She glanced up. He was leaning towards her. Her heart flipped. “Plus I have a feeling,” his voice was low and inviting “there’s something there.” She rolled her eyes and continued writing. “Something sweet and almost kind,” she muttered under her breath. “New and a bit alarming.” She stared at him. He did not. Did he? She shook her head and once again focused on her writing. But that didn’t last long when she heard someone humming. She glanced up. Her annoyance level was climbing. She looked at him with a straight face. “He’s no prince charming.” She spoke firmly. “You sure about that,” he smirked. “You’re ruining my concentration.” She took a deep breath. She sat her pen down and rubbed her eyes. She was quoting Beauty and the Beast with a hot guy. This was all kinds of wrong, weird, and kind of funny. “I thought I was helping.” He sat back in his seat. “And how do you suppose that?” He stretched his arms behind his head. She ignored his biceps stretching through his shirt. “Disney+Music=Love. At least that’s what my little sister says.” She looked down at her journal closing it. She was done for the day. “She’s a smart girl. But she shouldn’t dream like love is some fairy tale” She began packing up. He gave her a look. He seemed hurt, “You’re leaving?” She gazed back. What she would do to kiss him right now. Where had that come from? She mentally dissed herself. “Two teas later I’m done.” He nodded. She pushed in her chair. This was it. This was when she would say good bye to Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes. He stood up. He was a good couple inches taller than her. He pushed in his chair, tossed his coffee out, and held the door open for her. So maybe he was a gentlemen? She gave him a lopsided smile. “Thanks.” Outside the sun was setting. The breeze was blowing. People still walking around, hurrying to get home. She began walking away not knowing which direction he was going, not wanting to bother. “Hey!” A deep voice called out. She turned around. Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes was wearing a huge smile, “You turned around.” She rolled her eyes. She turned back and walked home trying to force a smile spreading across her face. Ideas for her story continued to form. But at night her dreams were filled with a man with sexy brown eyes.

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