My First K-Pop Fanmeet

I’ve probably sat down and tried to write this at least one thousand times. Where do I even begin? As you can tell from the title this is about K-Pop. What is K-Pop? Korean pop music. No, I am not Korean. No, I don’t understand half the words. But that is the beauty of music. You don’t need to understand the words let alone have there be words to not understand the feeling. Music touches the soul. It evokes and emotion within you. That is what it does. That’s what makes music a universal language. That’s what makes it so amazing.

So about two weeks ago (actually 16 days but who’s counting?) I got to experience my first live, right in front me, like two feet away K-Pop experience. And let me tell you how it was. It first started off by picking up my wristband that symbolized that I was P1 meaning I had the amazing fortunate to take a picture with the group. The group. I didn’t even tell you who THEY are. GOT7….GOT7! Aka the super cute, super funny, super talented boy group. But if I’m honest so many groups are. Here’s a quick rundown of the group. We have JB (not Justin Bieber. JB=Jaebum, also the leader), Mark (the oldest), Jinyoung (the actor), BamBam (the Dab King), YoungJae (Incredible belting voice and CUTIE), Jackson (The goofball/teddy bear), Yugyeom (the youngest and dancer). img_8262

Anyway picking up my wristband was pretty simple and fairly quick. Entering the P1 area I was hit with a jungle of women and men all pushing against the barricade to get closer to the stage. I picked a spot towards the left of the stage where much of the crowd wasn’t gathered. Did I mention I was standing alone? No? I was by myself (cries inside) and my friends were all over the place in the theater. I had at least two rows of estrogen standing in front of me. I was banking on being able to see over the crowd because typically I’m blessed with such circumstances. But alas, the Gods weren’t with me and I was stuck behind giants. What’s worse. Giants with phones being thrusted into the air.

The concert, I mean fanmeet started pretty much on time to my surprise. Now you’ve probably noticed that I’ve said fanmeet and not concert. That’s because there is a difference. Fanmeets are more centered toward the fans. Meaning they focus more on answering questions, playing games on stage, and interacting with their fans. Bonus: they do get to perform their music for us! And boy can those men WORK THEM HIPS! What can I say? I gladly took noticed. The whole fanmeet made me feel very connected to them. It also didn’t help that Yugyeom was like two feet away grinding the air…

What really surprised me and definitely GOT7 was how big and amazing our crowd was. This was the first time they were in my city. Not many K-Pop idols come here and everyone definitely took the opportunity when they found out GOT7 would be coming. The tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes and it was the most the theater had made. K-Pop fans are very dedicated. And here I thought Justin Bieber fans were scary. img_8261

The boys put on a great performance. T met a few nice girls  and it was a great time. This is when things went a bit crazy. After the boys were down they left the too cool off and change. People with P1 and P2 (P2=Hi-Touch= shaking all the boys hands) tickets stayed while everyone else left. P1 had to magically get into a line and form groups of 10. How they made 200 people get into a line I still don’t know. Thankfully the new girls I met wanted to make a group. This particular photo sesh was interesting. Like I said we would need to be in a group of 10 so we can sit in chairs to take our pictures. The boys would stand behind us and come forward. Barely a chance to speak. Very interesting right? This meant we had to line up in the order we saw the boys to get the boy we wanted behind us. Problem was that us four girls all wanted the same guy. Solution? None of us would get him. Tell me how sweet these girls are. I was so grateful! I ended up with BamBam who is the friendliest and was GLOWING. He also squeezed my hand ridiculously hard. But I’m not complaining. img_8377

Honestly, for a first live K-Pop event, I’m blown away. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I’m grateful that they got to come here and I had the chance to go. They put on a great performance and the people I met were great. This only makes me look forward to BTS concert in March. BTS, BTS, BTS!!!! Can you hear me screaming through this?! Because I am!! What groups do you like? Who’s your bias? Does this make you want to listen to K-Pop?

Hear about all of this in my video with clips from the event!

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