Izzy’s Geek Critiques: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Today I decided to introduce something new to my blog! On my YouTube channel I started a series called, “Izzy’s Geek Critiques.” In this series I critique(review) things that interest me such as movies, shows, and music. My first two videos in this series are on K-Dramas. For those who don’t know what that is, that is Korean Dramas. I will discuss the characters, plot, ending (without revealing much), and the music. So let’s get our geek on!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


If you’ve been down in the dumps or haven’t been feeling yourself I suggest grabbing some popcorn and curling up to this show! This show is the perfect pick me up! It’s lighthearted, funny, and romantic with a splash of craziness. I don’t know about you but that’s my favorite mixture!

This show stars the lovely Lee Sung-Kyung  who plays Kim Bok-Joo. A strong young adult in every sense of the world. Kim Bok-Joo is an inspirational character as she works her ass off to hopefully enter the Olympics as a weightlifter! Yes, you read right. A show centered on a female weightlifter! Next up we have the beautiful, funny, tall, ab-licious  Nam Joo-Hyul who plays the overly confident Jung Joon-Hyung. His past breaks your heart (but not for too long). The minor characters are just as great as the main! Some include Lee Joo-Young who plays Lee Sun-Ok and Cho Hye-Jung  who also plays Jung Nan-Hee. These two girls plus Kim Bok-Joo make up what I call ‘The Three Musketeers.’ These girls are the definition of true friends. They have each other’s back through thick and in! They also love food and being themselves.What I really liked about the characters was how relatable they were. I found a piece of myself in each character which I think always makes a show great.


I haven’t really mention what the show is about now did I? Let’s dive in! Get it dive-in? Because one of the characters is a swimmer? Okay, I’ll stop. Anyway Kim Bok-Joo is an aspiring weightlifter in college. Her dad runs small fried chicken restaurant along with her uncle. Jung Joon-Hyung is aspiring swimmer in college who has a problem with false starting in competitions. Joon-Hyung persistence in Bok-Joo life helps their friendship bloom. Their past also connects them. Both dream of one day competing in the Olympics. The story is centered on their relationship and how it develops from annoyance to friendship to eventually love. Each character has their own backstory and demons that they must face. It’s a crazy, tearful, romantic story that makes you appreciate young love and making dreams come true with hard word.

Talking about it just makes me want to watch it all over again.


Now for the ending. I promise not to give too much away. The ending was everything you could have hoped for. Take it as you will. People end up where they are meant to be. Whatever you think that is of course. Your heart is filled with joy and sadness that it’s over. I cried my eyes out at the ending credits. The title of the last episode is called, ‘Spring Again..Youth..and Us.’ I couldn’t talk about the ending without mention the last line in the show. “Everyone has their youth. It’s awkward, but beautiful time that remains in our memories you don’t care about the things you have and it feels like you can do anything. Youth at age 14. I’m still anxious but excited.” Every time I read this line I’m filled with a sense of something bittersweet. The line reminds me that it’s okay to live in the moment that is now. We are young. We will make mistakes. All we can do is make them and than learn from them. This is the age we are allowed to be selfish, take roads less travel on, and try new things. It also reminds us to be open to love and beautiful things will happen if we accept it with an open heart. We should be enjoying our youth now and take every opportunity we are granted.

Now for my favorite part: Music. I will be honest this soundtrack wasn’t my favorite out of all the k-dramas I have seen. Because of that I really can’t say much. There is a total of 12 songs. Each song is light and sweet which makes it fit very well with the theme of the show. Some of my favorites include: Han Hee Jung (한희정) ,  Is It Love? –Ahn Hyun Jung, and 20 years old by various artists.

Overall the show was amazing! It brought tears and joy to my heart! I would recommend this show to anyone who needs something light and funny!

Check out my geek critique: https://youtu.be/VlGhP6dSd_c

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