One hydrogen. Two oxygen’s. H2O. Water. It’s that simple. The sound of water slowly trickling over a brook. The sound of waves crashing the shore. Eyes closed. Deep breath. Let it wash over you. Let it relax you. Let it invigorate you. I miss the feel of its beauty gliding over my skin. Caressing me. I miss it letting me float in my emptiness while I stare into the infinite above. Hearing birds chirp. Leaves crackle. The wind softly singing. Silence. Calmness. It’s wondrous when you get to not think. When your mind stops turning. The thoughts in your head take a break. And it’s just you and the water. Your muscles ease away from tension. Your body feels light as a feather.

Nevertheless now I feel like a lost baby bird who’s fallen from their nest. I miss it. I miss not worrying, not stressing. I miss feeling like a feather. But life stomps in with big ugly boots. Crushing the leaves, tearing the limbs from trees, crashing the water, disturbing my nest. My mouth shuts down and I move on. To find another place where I belong.

When I do I’ll lay in a pool of water. I’ll close my eyes. Take a deep breath. Let it wash over me. Let it relax me. Let it invigorate me. The tension in my muscles will ease. My mind will slowly draw into itself.  And for a short time, I feel simplicity.

One hydrogen. Two oxygen’s. H20. Water. It’s that simple.

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