Typical New Year, New Me

It’s 2018. FINALLY. 2017 is over and I couldn’t be anymore happier to have it in my past. If you want to know why, read my last post! Last year was insane and it ended on a not so good term. Burned down kitchen, stolen phone, and sick on NYE. That’s not even all of it. (Read my last post!)

But now I can officially move on.

We all know that every year we eat our 12 grapes (might just be a culture thing), pop open our champagne bottles and say how we are going to go to the gym, get our dream job, and/or meet someone. But do we ever really follow through? Come on, I see you blushing. No. People listening to their revolutions can be like waiting for pigs to fly. But I think with today’s technology we might be getting closer…

Do it now or don’t bother.

After last year I have gained insight on who I am as a person. I’ve gain strength that I didn’t know I possessed. It was an inspiring year. Therefore the only way I can make all the hardships of the last 12 months worth it is by achieving my goals. No better way to make it possible than by putting it on the internet. Right? Maybe you guys can help? When I pull back you push? I scratch your back you scratch mine? Pinky promise? You can’t break a pinky promise!

Here are five things I want to accomplish this year (Because let’s be honest 12 is stretching it)

  1. Travel more
  2. Gym (mainly yoga)
  3. Keep up this blog
  4. Focus on YouTube more
  5. Do more of what I’m afraid of

And that’s it. Simple. That’s what I’m going to spend the next 365 days give or take tackling. I already started on #1. Which means the other four aren’t impossible.

What do you plan on doing? Do you think you’ll accomplish it? Let’s push each other!

In the inspirational words of my generation: YOLO

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