Something New, Something Old Sunday

I woke up Sunday morning deliriously happy. Why? It was 54 degrees. My inner New Yorker (even though I have never lived in New York) screamed in delight. I swear even though I was born and raised in Miami I own more sweaters than shorts. It’s insane. My mom has given up on trying to stop me from buying sweaters. It’s problem I’m proud to say. Now, while it was cold right when I woke up I know by the afternoon it was going to be close to the upper 70s MAYBE 80s. Therefore I had to be very selective with what I wore.

I didn’t want to wear a sweater because sadly they were too heavy. Instead I decided to reach for a light cream blouse. As for the jacket I went hunting in my mom’s closet. Part of the reason she hates my sweater obsession is because they’re mainly in her closet. Sorry mom! I tossed on my safrai hat and grabbed my phone to help light the way inside the forest of clothes. I went deep into her closet, turning it upside down to find any fashionable jacket. Not to heavy and not to light. In the words of Goldilocks, “just right>” To my surprise tucked into the back corner was a slightly oversized cropped blazer. The material was rough and thin. It was something light that would keep me warm for the morning.

I slipped on my worn out black jeans with ripped knees. I’m going to need to buy a new pair very soon. But my favorite part of my outfit was my burgundy velvet Steve Madden ankle boots. I got them on sale at Macy’s and thank god I did because I don’t think I would have paid the full price. As for makeup I did a simple eyeshadow look with winged liner. My hair was down in it’s natural lioness mane.

My something old was my mother’s blazer from the 80s. My something new was my velvet boots. A simple chic Sunday filled with visiting an old friend and napping on the couch. A fashionable sunday well spent!


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