You Had A Bad Day…

Have you ever had a bad day? You wake up and nothing is goes right? I have a lot of those…a lot. Sometimes nothing goes right. I’ll be extra clumsy that day. I’ll spill my coffee, my papers will get trashed, laptop  frozen. I have a habit of bumping into everything and tripping…on flat surfaces. Yeah, I’m that person. And it’s not just with work. Also with people. I say something wrong or something gets misunderstood. Or people are having a bad day themselves and they snap at me.


It always something.


But what do you do? On the gloomy dark days where your mind is tormented by clouds of negativity. It’s easy to fall into darkness and just wallow there. I’m gonna give some tips. Not just for you but to remind self as well. Something to help brighten your rain days.


First Step: Take a breath. Relax. Just breathe and tell yourself that  today is just bad day. Tomorrow will be better. I always remind myself that soon I’ll be home and in bed. Sometimes you just need a mental break for a few minutes.  


Second Step: You have to listen to the song You Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter. At least once. It’s literally about having a bad day. It’s perfect. You might get a laugh.


First idea: Unplug. Put your phone down. Take a step from everything. Put into perspective everything that you have done that day. Pat yourself on the back for making it this far. Not just unplug from your phone but from the people around you.


Second Idea: Go to the gym. I know personally getting out my stress out through exercise helps relax not only my mind but my body. Or take a jog if you don’t have a membership. Any physical activities…help relieve stress. 😉


Third Idea: I love watching shows or movies that make me laugh. Laughter is a known key into unlocking stress and having it fly away. 3 of my favorite shows include Will & Grace, Fresh Off the Boat, and Friends. My friends favorite show to watch is The Office. Some movies include The Proposal, How to lose a Guy in 10 Days, Charlie’s Angels, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Those are just a few but there is so much more. (If your of age crack open a bottle and pour yourself a glass while you crack a laugh)


Fourth Idea: If you have a pet, Hug them! Pets are great for brightening your day. They’re always excited to see you..for the most part of course. Or hug someone else’s pet. Just don’t hug a random animal off the street, it might not end well.


Fifth Idea: My favorite thing to do is to draw a hot  bath (Hell would approve), pour some bubbles, and light a candle. The best way to relax! Close your eyes and let the warmth soothe not only your body but your mind. You can get epsom salt at your local drug store to help unwind sore muscles.


And there you have it folks! Some ways to turn your cloudy days into sunshine days or at least have a rainbow peeking through the clouds. Now all I can ask of you is that you stay hydrated and take plenty of vitamin C! The flu is going around and you def don’t want to catch it. I can already feel it.

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