Today I just want to talk about purpose.

I believe we are each brought into this world to do something.

It could be something simple as helping someone in need or starting a charity.

I think we all have a purpose.

The problem or struggle is finding what that is. Some of us could spend years and years trying to figure out what we’re meant to do. I know I am. Everyday I struggle with, “Is this what I want to do?” “Should I be doing this?” I am still pretty young and have years to figure it out. And that’s the sucky party. Figuring it out. Conquering achievements and occasionally screwing up. There is going to be many ups and downs until we figure ourselves out.

But you know what? I think that as we grow so does our purpose. And not only does it grow I think we gain new purposes. I’ve never been the type of person to do just one thing. That’s totally not stressful enough (LOL). We’ll spend our whole life gaining experiences, touching people’s lives, and discovering something new about ourselves until the end.

So for right now my purpose in life it to tackle the dreams that I am able too. And once that’s done who knows what’s next?

Only time will tell…

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