Plural noun.

A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Some of us wait around hoping a lamp will drop in our lap and a genie will grant us wishes. And in some cases for some that happens. Not the genie part which would be pretty cool but the luck part. Some opportunities people magically stumble upon.

I am, sadly not one of those.

People like me fight for it. We search under every stone through every outlet and make hundreds of applications. And majority of the time it’s a fail.

Reasons? A number of them. You don’t fit into what we’re looking for. You don’t have enough experiences. We went with someone else. Your GPA is too low. Which if I may is bull. Some people just aren’t school savvy but excel in the workforce. I understand that more than most.

And than sometimes it’s just not meant for you.

Which is okay.

Because than by a gleam of light someone in that hundreds of applications sees something. Someone gives you a chance. That 1/100 sees something in you. Those are the opportunities you’re meant to find. The ones you tried your best at and weren’t expecting anything from.

So keep your chin up. It’s a tough world out there. But never give up. Your next opportunity could be around the corner, an email away of a call coming in.

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