Growing up I’ve always faced insecurities. Since I was little I was always surrounded by girls who were shorter, tanner, and curvier than me. That can do some damage to a girl mentally. I never felt like I fit in. I was always too tall, too skinny, and too pale.

I hated my nose.

I hated being tall. I hunched my shoulders whenever I walked around.

I hated how pale I was. People would always ask if I was sick.

I hated being skinny. They would say I needed to eat more. I would cover up my body in oversize clothes.

I’m either too tall

Too quiet

Too girly

Not girly enough

Too american

Too Miami

Not american enough

Too busy

Not Portuguese enough

Too lazy

Too smart

Not smart enough

Too skinny

Too dorky

But something happened after I graduated high school. I stopped caring. I decided to fake it until I make it. I pretended to be confident in myself and along the way I stopped faking. I became proud of being tall. I was okay with my pale skin. My nose was fine. Weight is something I can gain and do. I embraced who I was. And I’m loving it. I love learning about myself with each passing year and gaining confident in who I am. It was and is a long road.

So to all the insecure women and men around the world. Sometimes faking it helps. Telling yourself something you like about yourself everyday helps. Learn to love yourself. Love the quirks that make you, you

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
– Lucille Ball


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