A Chanced Encoutner

Today was a long day.

Today was a long day.

I noticed the only bench in the park was occupied by a blonde beauty.

There was a stunning man walking towards me.

I saw her.

I saw him.

I slid down next to her.

He slid down next to me.

The wooden bench was deeply worn. Scratches in the grain showed off it years.

The bench was vintage with scratches of past lovers names.

I shifted, nervous in my seat. My heart was beating in my ears.

I crossed my legs, my body buzzing.

From the corner of my eye I watched her placed her golden hair in a bun.

I ignored his enchanting dark eyes and twisted my hair.

She was beautiful, elegant.

He was handsome, regal. 

My mouth opened and a hello tumbled out.

He was nervous. Cute.

She smiled at me.

My voice squeaked out a hi.

Her cheeks were rosy. Cute. 

A breeze blew and she shivered.

He shifted closer, maybe to keep me warm…

I smiled.

I smiled.

The sun began to set.



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