We Are Artists.

We think differently. We feel differently. We act differently.

We are artists.

We strive for the unattainable. We take the road less traveled on. We challenge the impossible.

We are artists.

We fight harder. We dream harder. We love harder.

We are artists.

We break easily. We cry easily. We get angry easily.

We are artists.

We hate ourselves. We envy others. We love ourselves. We admire others.

We are artists.

That’s what being an artist is like.

Our emotions are set on maximum 24/7. Our heart is bigger than most. We are abnormal. We are unique. We are meant to stand out. We don’t live in box but create one to our own liking.

We are artists.

Everyday is a struggle. Some days we accomplish great things. Other days we waste inside our minds, drowning in our own negative slime.

It’s hard to be an artist. We strive for perfection even though we know it’s impossible. Any mistake we make no matter how minor haunts us in our sleep. We feel deeper than most and because of that the dark side is tempting and always on the edge of our surface.

We’re warned since the moment of birth that being an artist isn’t a real job, you might not make money, or it’s too difficult to achieve.

But we try regardless. We fight for our right to create. Through mental breakdowns and constant no’s being slapped across our face. No matter the circumstances or battles, we fight.

We try everyday. We work hard everyday, perfecting our craft as humanly possible. Learning everyday. Rising to the day’s challenges.

Our greatest asset is our compassion. Our greatest fault is perfection.

We hate ourselves for every mistake we make no matter how small. My voice could crack once in a 3 minute song and I’ll get trapped in my head. Cursing myself for messing up, going through everything that led me to cracking. The negativity can become overwhelming, drowning you in thoughts that make you hate yourself.

And than I breathe. Because it’s okay. It’s okay to mess up. We’re human. We’re suppose to make mistakes.

Honestly, I think as artists we are the strongest, courageous, most passionate people on the planet. We’re the ones that shed light onto topics people are too scared to speak. We don’t fear what if’s or buts. We push, we pull, we strive.

We are a double edge sword of own making. One I’m proud and scared to wield.

We are artists.

“Ordinary people are products of their environment and fit in. Artists transcend their environment and stand out.”
― Oliver Gaspirtz

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