Tales of False Glory P.1

A tide is coming

It calls to me

Rushing waters

I did not forsee


Voices chant an earthly call

Winds are strong

Ground is breaking

I don’t belong


Fire below boils high

The air is scorched

Spilling to the sky

I did not hide


Was not my choice

But theirs alone

The fate they chose

Binds us all

But i am the one

Who walks the line


Torn between water and fire

I must strike a deal with mother

Her earthly beauty is earthquaking

My legs begin shaking


With a smile she grants my wish

And of to the sky I go like a mist

His smile is deceiving

His eyes gleaming


Protection he grants me

Strength she grants me


Off to war I go

Timid and alone

Vanquish all my fears

There is no evil here


Cheers from everywhere

My body worse for wear

The tale of my adventures will soon become a story

To be told with false glory.

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