If It’s Meant To Be…

Do you ever wonder why you said goodbye?  What could have happened if you hadn’t let go?  If you hadn’t gone separate ways?  Would you still be friends?  Would you still be close?  Still be more? Still share secrets?  It’s weird to think that there are people out there who know your secrets. People you trusted and believed in.  But you can’t dwell on those thoughts.  There’s a reason people come and go in your life. They come to teach you lessons andContinue reading “If It’s Meant To Be…”

MAYday: The Month of Hell

The past few weeks have been extraneous. May has been a hell month for me. I find it quite funny calling it a hell month seeing how in high school May was always known has hell month since it was a month filled with AP testing. It’s been a stressful month with starting university, workingContinue reading “MAYday: The Month of Hell”

The Truth About Friendships

In elementary school everything is sunshine and rainbows. We smile and laugh with our friends. Drama free, worry free, mentally free from the chaos of feelings and bills. We have this thought in our head that we’ll be friends forever; yearbooks filled with sappy messages promising such a thing. But here is the reality, it’sContinue reading “The Truth About Friendships”

Just [Fucking] Do It

We reached for our coffees and our hands touched. My heart skipped a beat. My eyes turned into huge anime eyes and my heart raced. In that instant I remembered my fortune cookie fortune from the orange chicken I ordered last night, “you’ll bump into the love of your life.” Clearly this is a signContinue reading “Just [Fucking] Do It”

Is He a Fuck Boy? Is He Not?

Miami is so beautiful. Miami has great beaches. Miami has banging coffee. Sunshine and delicious drinks. What more could you ask for? Men. We need men. We have no men. I mean we do have men…but like…it’s a no for me on behalf of the females. And the ones we do have are extremely hardContinue reading “Is He a Fuck Boy? Is He Not?”