If It’s Meant To Be…

Do you ever wonder why you said goodbye? 
What could have happened if you hadn’t let go? 
If you hadn’t gone separate ways? 

Would you still be friends? 
Would you still be close? 
Still be more? Still share secrets? 

It’s weird to think that there are people out there who know your secrets. People you trusted and believed in. 

But you can’t dwell on those thoughts. 
There’s a reason people come and go in your life. They come to teach you lessons and give blessings in disguise of heart breaks, laughter and memories. 

Should you reach out to them?
Talk to them?
You miss your past because you miss them.
It’s confusing not knowing whether you want to reconnect with them or not. Is it the past clouding your judgement?

All I can say is don’t force it. Just let it be. 
If it’s meant to be let it happen in a natural way. People come in and out of your life for a reason.

So don’t dwell on the past. 
Learn and move on. 
There’s too much to enjoy and look forward too. 


“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.” – Oscar Wilde

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