Happiness comes in all shapes and forms

It’s something we’re all tirelessly searching for.

We search for it so much we blind ourselves to how it even looks.
We think that to find happiness we need a special map to uncover its complexity when in fact it’s quite simple.

Most people think you can only be happy if you’re in a relationship. As if that is the only way to gain happiness.

But what about happiness with your family? With your friends? Food? Drinks? Traveling?

Happiness doesn’t have to come from being romantically involved or with someone.

For example it was 1 am and after two weeks of lacking creativity I was randomly inspired to write and felt so overjoyed I started crying (and yes it was while writing this). That brought me happiness.

You can be happy from the smell of warm bread escaping an oven.

You can be happy from hearing your best friend’s infectious laugh.

You can be happy from seeing the gleam in your parents eyes when you accomplished something.

But most importantly you can be happy from learning to love yourself.

Happiness comes in all those forms. It can also come from something sad.

Happiness can from the darkness even though that thought might be scary. Because throughout your darkest moments a sense of enlightenment starts to pave its way. Even through pain you can find something, some glimmer of bliss.

Learn what makes you happy.
Live in that happy.
Love in that happy.
Laugh in that happy.
Roll around in that happiness the way dogs do in mud.

Because finding, capturing and nurturing that happiness makes living all the more worth it

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

-Helen Keller


One thought on “Happiness

  1. Im glad I got the chance to read this. I am one of those that does not see the new door of happiness. I am constantly trying to figure out who I am and feel that once I know, I will find happiness. I agree that loving yourself can lead to happiness. I actually believe that a relationship isn’t happiness, but can be a part of happiness. Very well written. Thank you.


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