You are Pretty

The craziest thing happen a few weeks ago. I was getting ready for my show, going full glam drama queen when I noticed one of my cast mates staring at me. I met her eyes and smiled. She immediately apologized and said, “you’re just so pretty and so amazing at makeup.” For a second I was shocked and quickly made a dorky face in protest to her comment which responded to us laughing.

But here’s the crazy part, in my eyes she is way prettier than me.

I remember when I first met her I was blown away at her beauty and felt insecure in my skin. She’s tall like me sure but with gorgeous tan skin, a slightly thicker body than mine and blue-green eyes. A literal Venus yet this whole time she was thinking similar thoughts about me.

I was surprised. I couldn’t fathom that she would think I’m pretty like her because to me I’m just plankton while she’s a mermaid.

And then it hit me.

Women do this.

We do crap like this all the time.

We constantly look at others and see what we don’t have and what we want without even realizing they could be thinking the same thing about us!

Growing up in Miami my view on beauty is very different from those across the globe. I grew up noticing that majority of women around me were either bronzed goddesses or melanin queens. They were shorter than me and had curves to grab. I, on the other hand; pale, tall, skinny. I grew up being uncomfortable with my height, people thinking I was sick from how pale I was, and hating my nose. What people consider a typical european look. Yet I’m flabbergasted why anyone across the pond would want that body type but it was because growing up everyone around me had the exact opposite. Guys want the exact opposite.

We want what we don’t have.

I want curves, she doesn’t.
She wants straight hair, I don’t.
I wish I was shorter, she wishes she was taller.

Now why do we think that way?
In my OPINION, let me stress the would opinion because that’s what is. Women are raised with an implant in their minds that they have to marry and have kids.

Therefore we are attached with the question: What attracts men?

Wearing makeup, having the perfect body (whatever that ‘ideal’ body is in your area), perfect hair with a charming but not too charming personality. Than there’s magazines. Females with bodies opposite to most are plastered everywhere from print to tv. People from the past have set it in stone on what a woman should be, act and look like.

But it’s 2018! And that stone says is chipping away. Women are learning to embrace their bodies. If I want to walk out in my sweatpants with no makeup and messy hair I will. I’m not trying to impress anyone but myself. It took me over 10 years alone to accept my height and there’s still certain things about myself I’m struggling to come to terms with.

So here’s the deal. If you want to change how you look do it for you. Do it to make you feel good not for someone else and certainly not to fit in. What matters is what you think about yourself.
Looks may fade but that charming personality sure won’t.

P.S. To any guy that might be reading this…we don’t wear nor do jack to impress you because we don’t care a crap what you think! So if a girl wears a tight dress it’s to look good in pictures surrounded by her girlfriends not to get your attention because you’re nowhere near her level.

“Look at the stars. See their beauty. And in that beauty, see yourself.”
― Draya Mooney

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