I’ve typed the same line five times unsure of how to begin. A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram asking what should I write about. A friend of mine had mentioned talking about culture and how it influences you. Now please don’t take any offense to anything that’s about to be said this is just my opinion and what I’ve noticed and lived.

Growing up the people that surround you have a big influence in how you think, speak, act and even dress. For example, if you grow up in a conservative community the way you act and dress can be very different from others. You most likely don’t show off a lot of skin and are careful with what you say. But culture can have the opposite effect. So rather than being conservative you want to let your inner freak fly.

Some are born with confidence and then there’s a small group of individuals like myself that take their time in gaining confidence. We are like babies that need to be nourished with bottles of compliments. In Miami women are incredibly assertive in who they are and their bodies. And instead of having that self-confidence that most women do around me, I on the other hand come from the North Pole. So instead of showing skin I most of the time drown myself in oversize clothes, ignoring the sun beaming down on me. Instead of wearing bright colors I wear dark colors to match my soul…duh.

Another thing I noticed is how culture can influence your makeup. In Asian cultures they wear more simple, natural makeup while in more Hispanic areas (like Miami, yes Miami again) eyeliner is a huge thing… and contour… and bronze… and basically everything. Which is why I always look so extra in the face while wearing sweats.

Nevertheless, although your community and culture can influence you in more ways than one that doesn’t mean that’s who you truly are. Leave and explore the world because that’s when you begin to discover your true self. Maybe instead of being out there you find out you’re more of a homebody. Maybe you like being loud instead of reserved. Either way get out there. See the world, experience other people’s cultures, feel the grass on the other side, eat new foods, try new things.

Make mistakes and learn.

Keep your mind and heart open.

You might be surprised about who you find when you look in the mirror.


“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”

Alan Keightley

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