2018 Fall Fashion Is Here!

Fall is officially here! So order all the pumpkin spice lattes as you can. Personally I’m not a big fan but drink to your heart’s content. I am very excited for this season, mainly because it’s finally fall. As much as I love fall I hate it. Mainly because where I live it’s summer all year long.  But nonetheless I promised to give you all the latest dish on this season fall fashion. Look how cute it sounds. Fall Fashion. It’s not like that hasn’t been said a thousand and one times.

First in this season’s lineup is animal print. Look fab and fierce this fall in cheetah, leopard and whatever animal you want to be inspired by.

A trend that I was shocked to see was the glossy look. First glass skin was in and now glossy fashion. I guess people are trying to be like disco ball. A cute one at that.

A style that I have noticed that has hit the stores is the Clueless look. As in the movie Clueless. So rock those 80-90 classy looks. Whether it’s a suit set or plaid, live your inner Cher. Also check out Target they’re currently selling a killer line.

unnamed (4)

Chunky sweaters are and will always be in style so get ready to get cozy. Unless you’re from Miami…


Return of the ruching is back and she is better than ever! Although it might take some convincing for me.



And last but not least: Make a punch with a statement coat!


These are but a few Fall fashion trends that I noticed and my personal favs.

Which shall you be rocking this season?


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