So Carry On

It’s the little things. It’s the little things that keep us moving forward even when darkness clouds our minds and our hearts feel heavy with agony. It’s the simplicity of watching the sun paint the sky in shades of rose, scarlet and orange. It’s the sound of rain tapping on your window like the call of an old friend. The smell of coffee wrapping around your body like a grandmother’s embrace. It’s the simple things in life that feed us hope for a better tomorrow, to strive for greatness even when times are tough. See the beauty in the innocence of first love, in the laughter shared with friends and endless car rides of belting 80’s hits. Think of those times when you feel all hope is gone and there is nowhere left for you to go. Hug yourself tight, take a deep breath and get back up again. It’s the little things in life that provide us with the strength to carry on. So carry on.

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