A Blessing in Disguise: Christmas 2k18

Does anyone else go through a phase where Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas? I feel like this year December went by so fast I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it! But I do live in Miami where Christmas consist of snowmen made out of sand and 75 degree weather.

But this Christmas was very special to me…and Christmas Eve…and Christmas Eve Eve (I hope you know where that’s from).

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I got to host Friendmas this year and it was my first time every hosting anything. I made a few cooking mistakes but overall I think it was a success. I already have ideas for the next thing I’m hosting. My friends really enjoyed it. We ate a lot of food, cooked, had a few drinks and forced Emily to watch Trolls. Sorry Emily but not sorry about that. Haha. We also had quality conversations. Which I think is one of the keys to a strong friendship. You have to be able to have quality conversations about things that intrigue you and them that way you can learn more, grow and deepen your friendship.

Also my mom and I got to spend all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day binging Christmas movies, eating junk food and just spending time together. I can’t remember the last time we shared a lazy day together.


We weren’t even suppose to spend Christmas Eve together. My mom was supposed to be working but due to a nasty migraine she stayed home. And I’m kinda grateful for it. Obviously I hate when my mom is in pain but if it hadn’t happened we wouldn’t have had all that time together. So in a way it was a blessing in disguise.


Christmas Eve consisted of coffee, popcorn, endless Netflix movies and being couch potatoes. I did have to sing at a midnight mass which in fact was at midnight. Honestly the mass is a blur. I was getting sleepy while singing. So I think it went okay from the pieces I can remember.

But Christmas day was my favorite. My mom and I started a tradition last year that we wear matching pajamas while once again binging Christmas movies. The movie marathon part was rather difficult seeing how my mom HATES re-watching movies. So I’d liked to thank the people who uploaded Hallmark movies on YouTube. Ya’ll saved my life.

It was day filled with delivery food, cookies, popcorn and wine. The presents were nice and I loved them and she loved hers. But the greatest gift was spending time together. And next year we have a new tradition besides matching pajamas. You’ll have to wait a year to find out!

Thanks mom for always being there for me and making this Christmas awesome. One day I’ll give you everything you deserve and more!


Now…I wonder what’s happening New Year’s…

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