British Men vs Miami Men

Being in the UK was an eye opener. Not only because everything closed before midnight, which in reality was perfectly fine by me but because of the environment. Miami is special. At least that’s what I think. We are heavily influenced by the Hispanic culture and with that comes certain things. For instant holding the door, saying excuse me, having confidence to walk up to someone and lots of cat calling. All of which I did not experience in England. All of which I was shocked I didn’t experience. Although I’m grateful for not hearing the cat calling. That’s one of the most annoying things.
What I did notice was the amount of good looking men in England. Honestly my friends and I were breaking necks every day. We would stand on the right side of the escalator (because the left side is for people who are rushing) and you would see us each turn around to look at each other like a Domino effect. “You saw him right?” We would ask. We also noticed the amount of good looking couples. It was astonishing. But it was also just weird to not have people hold open doors for you. I remember this one guy was even surprised I held it open for him. I was perplexed. A simple act of holding the door or saying excuse me made me seem like an alien. But we quickly realized that the British were a different kind of species from the ones we were use to.
For example, they knew how to dress. There was no socks with slides or baggy sweatpants. Everyone was dressed in style. Something we all appreciated. Although I have to admit I miss the clean haircuts. Their manners lied in the quiet way they worked. They let you get on the tube before them, they let you get off first and they move out of the way. I learned that while Miami folks are vocal when it comes to expressing manners the British were quiet about it. They even make eye contact with you. They don’t shy away from that but lord they won’t go up to you and say hi unless they have a few pints of beer in them. The biggest difference for me would have to be height. I was surprised at the amount of tall men. Although majority of them were around my height. It was nice to not to look down at anyone.
Miami men are loud and cocky. British men are quiet and have a dry sense of humor. Which do I prefer? Well I haven’t even brought up Irish men which I would say is the perfect blend of both. Even though they looked like they were going to beat you up and constantly made eye contact with you without breaking a sweat, they were charming and very sweet. They love their country and to sing and dance. They just seemed like a jolly bunch of souls. They love a good time. But I wouldn’t make them mad. So once again which do I prefer? Well I’ll tell you once I’ve gone to Australia. I know on that side of the world they’re a different kind of breed and by that I mean tall.

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