Miami Gals Take The UK Part 1

Where do I start? How do I start? I might have to split this up actually. Imagine 2 countries, 2 cities in 11 days. This idea came to life almost a year ago. My girlfriends and I decided to do a girls trip to London. And no not London, Ohio but London, England. I was ecstatic. I always wanted to go to London and have a prince fall in love with me. A total cliché but hey look at Meghan! Once we found a decent priced flight ticket it was done deal. Now why stop at London? Flying through the UK and Europe is pretty cheap so we decided to pop into Dublin, Ireland for a few days. The One Direction fan in me was living. England and Ireland. So this was the game plan: London 5 days, Ireland 3 1/2 days, London 2 days. It was as crazy as it sounds. Did we sleep? Sleep is for the weak!

The day was coming and I spent plenty of time preparing for this trip. That means sweaters, boots, jeans and coats. The last thing to take care of was my hair. My hairdresser (Shannon) is a very spiritual zen type of person. If you don’t believe in that kind of stuff that’s okay but I’ve heard my fair share of stories. So what exactly am I getting at? What did we do while I was sitting with foils in my hair? We decided to do a tarot card reading. Disclaimer: Shannon had no clue about my trip prior to the reading. Therefore here goes the breakdown:

  • I shall be going on a great adventure
  • Major anxiety
  • Worries about money and control
  • Would experience revelations
  • Nature
  • Lucky numbers: 2 and 3

Post reading breakdown:

  • I was going on an adventure
  • I was having major anxiety over it and everything concerning it.
  • My flight seat number was 23, my birthday was being spent in nature and I just so happen to be going to London at the same age my mom did.

And trust me there ended up being revelations. After my hair was looking bombshell amazing I went home deep in thought. I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I would throw myself into the trip. I would enjoy myself and let go. To be inspired and learn. Which I did. I got on an 8 hour flight, laughed, drank some wine and did not sleep a wink. Unlike Jossie who was knocked out the whole time.

Looking back London was a whirlwind. Everyday was a new adventure, new things to see and people to meet. Jossie (our tag along friend), who we are grateful for coming seeing how she lived in London warned us of the amount of walking we would endure. She wasn’t lying. We walked 10-12 miles every single day. I ate a bunch of ham and cheese sandwiches, indian food and Nando’s. Shout out to Niall Horan for that. I have three specific memories from London that make me laugh. Trust me there is more but this is all I was willing to write.


Bougie on a Budget

The first one takes place on our first night in London. We were all sleep deprived and freezing. That night was deemed our bougie night. A night to get dolled up and spoil ourselves. We all dressed as cute as the cold air would allow us. Walking into the restaurant I immediately felt uncomfortable. We were surrounded by the rich and richer. Everyone was dressed from head to toe in designer. Meanwhile I was standing there in a hand me down sweater, a skirt from BooHoo and boots from Target. But you know me, I make it look expensive. We all kept eyeing each other trying to keep our mouths shut. We were brought into a pink room, covered in posters and was dripping in chic. We were surrounded by women in fancy outfits and men in monkey suits. The chairs even looked lavish! I could feel everyone watching us. This is where I realized I was cheap. Everything on the menu looked as if it was written in hieroglyphics. We couldn’t understand a damn thing besides the side dishes. We were all looking at each other thinking, “what did we get ourselves into?” Me, being the pickiest I decided very quickly to just order sides. Everyone followed suit. But the waitress shut us down saying their policy states we couldn’t just order sides. All of us bit our cheek. We had to order a main dish. Mine was black ravioli with some sort of filling and ‘curry’ sauce. Let’s just say the food we picked was very blah despite the hype of it all. We all agreed we needed McDonald’s afterwards. We spent that dinner laughing and making fun about the whole situation. “It’s our policy,” que the eye rolls. Safe to say the next time we decided to have a fancy night we looked at the menu ahead of time. Bougie on a budge became our new slogan.

Music Video Mayhem

Jossie decided she wanted to make a 7 rings music video in one of London’s richest neighborhoods. I’ll just let you see for yourself.


Race to The Underground

We had one of the greatest laughs on our last night as the six of us. We had to decided to have another nice dinner and this time we saw the menu and were very pleased. That day we walked over 36,000 steps. We were all over London and dead exhausted. Also four of us needed to be up at 4am for our Dublin flight. At this point it’s around 10:30 pm. We’re tired and delirious. We had a long tube (subway) ride back to our hotel. So you know were chilling inside the tube waiting for it to start moving and we’re giggling. Than we notice that everyone on our tube walked off into the train across the track. We look at each other. “What do we do?” One of us asked. I immediately got up and everyone come out. Than the beeping begins signalling the train would be closing its door. “Mind the gap,” the electronic female voice says. At this point we’re running into the train. Isa and I were the last ones in and in the instant we stepped on the doors closed. We all stumbled in laughing. Everyone gave us strange looks but we did not care. We all looked at each other out of breath in disbelief we even made it on. Especially since at midnight the trains stop running. Mind the gap became a saying that is now embedded in our lingo.


London holds a lot more stories but I rather show you some pictures and leave you with the thought that Ireland was filled with beer and potatoes. Lots of potatoes! Oh and a 13 hour bus tour with a hilarious man named Paul that we all still really miss. What did Paul do? But more importantly what would Paul do. (Another saying we’ve adopted.) Stay tune!

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