An Endless Journey

The sound of strings being strung
The sound of keys being plucked
The sound of drums echoing the rhythm of my heart
Instruments being played, creating a hypnotic melody
That makes my ears feel drunk with joy

The feel of a pen gliding across a notebook
My words wishing to keep up with my brain
Stringing words together that pour from my heart and run through my bones
My voice calling out without a thought
Following a nameless tune

Blindly skating across a melody of life’s own creation
The sound of water trickling bringing me comfort
The sound of wind caressing me in a cool embrace
The feel of the sun breathing me life
My restless soul aching for somewhere new

Is this what an artist feels?
Is this the life of an artist? A wanderer?
A traveler? A hopeless romantic?
A person in search of understanding and peace?

Always learning, creating, discovering
Learning my place in this world
Creating the vision in my head
Discovering who I am

An endless journey

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