For a Moment 7

For a moment the rain pitter patters against my window and time is still.

For a moment the house is quiet and I can only hear my breathing. I can only feel my heart beat under my chest.

Have you ever noticed how soothing the rain can be? The tiny droplets cascade down the windowpane without a care in the world. The calmness floats around you and holds you in a warm hug.

For a moment I close my eyes and let it glide across my muscles. My mind which is filled with endless thoughts slows. My heart which is always in a state of confusion, fear or excitement relaxes.

For a moment I’m surrounded by serenity’s beauty.

But than a crack of lightening and the roar of thunder snaps me back into reality like a rubber band.

For a moment it was nice.

Now I sigh, wrap myself tighter in my blanket and continue to watch season 2 of Cheers on Netflix.


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