A Few of My Favorite Things Series

I want to start of this post by saying, “Hi Professor Arteaga!” The rest of you might find it weird that I am singling out my teacher but it’s only because he is going to be reading my blog for academic purposes. You see I’ve been given a blog assignment. I’m lucky enough to already have a blog! At least that’s what I thought at first. I than actually read the directions and realized I have to post five blog posts. Five! I try my best to do once a week but five?! Jeez, alright Professor.

Despite the weight of the number five on my shoulders I think this assignment will be a good push for me. It’s summer and I have the time so why not? Now I can’t just write anything. I have to write about a theme. Flipping through old pictures I debated on what I would talk about. And than for some odd reason I heard Julie Andrews singing My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music. In a flash it came to me! The next five blog posts will be about the things I love! The theme is me! Now I love a lot of things but I’ve made a list and I’m excited to share it with you all! Now don’t worry I’ll be numbering the posts that way you can follow along because yes there is an order to my madness.

I wonder if Professor Arteaga will be giving me extra credit seeing how this is an introduction to my assignment…I mean it would be nice

Without further adieu please look for the blog post titled, “I’ve been Bitten by the Travel Bug.” And begin!

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