I’ve been Bitten by the Travel Bug 1

Now I’ve mentioned my travels on my blog before and it’s no brainier that I love to travel. I was bitten by the beautiful creature when I was young. My mind was always astounded by the mystery that is the airport. The airport is filled with thousands of people zooming by and off to faraway places. It always excited me as a child, seeing the names of different cities from all over. I always enjoyed learning about new places and people.

So down below is a series of pictures from different places that I’ve been too in different points of my life.

Our first stop is Portugal. The motherland. And by motherland I literally mean my mother’s land. My mom was born and raised in a tiny village (yes village) in the mountains of Northern Portugal. I have been lucky enough to have gone there a handful of times and let me tell you I love it. So here are a few pictures of Portugal at different times!


Our next stop is Maryland with a slight detour to Washington D.C. My mom’s best friend lives in a Maryland. We’ve visited her twice. Once for fun and the other to watch her son (my brother from another mother) get married. Both trips ended with a stop in D.C. And both times it was incredibly hot!

Sticking with the U.S. I’ve been to New Jersey for a concert, swung by New York City for the first time and had to push my best friend in a wheelchair. Let’s just say that was an experience. I even got to go back to New York and took my mom along for the ride. Her amazement at the big apple was one for the books.

Recently I’ve gotten to go to London and Dublin for a girl’s trip. It has definitely been one of my favorites. I did a separate blog post on it so I won’t get into too much detail.

Now to end this post traveling doesn’t always mean having to get on a plane. It could simply mean driving thirty minutes away. And there are two places I love going to whenever I want a few minutes of relaxation and that’s Gilbert’s in Key Largo and the Starbucks on Old Cutler. And yes I did say Starbucks. There’s a beautiful trail and an ocean view. What’s not to love?


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