Minha família 4

Family. You don’t pick and choose who you are related to. But you do choose how you treat them and how you want them to treat you. It took me a long time to understand that no one’s family is perfect no matter how it seems. Everyone has their own faults and dirty closets. But there are times when they surprise you. My family is interesting. We’ve had and will have our ups and downs but believe me when I say if someone tries to come after me or hurt me they have my back 100%. They are apart of me and have made me who I am today. They’re the reason I love cartoons, fashion, soccer, cars and makeup. Each of my family members have taught me a lesson and shown me how to view the world from different angles and to them I am grateful. I love you guys. Also…please don’t get mad if I didn’t get a picture of everyone. Halfway through finding pictures I got annoyed and gave up. My shoulder blade is also in a lot of pain from spending three hours putting all these posts together. What can I say? I got tired. 


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