A Simple Cup of Coffee 6

The smell is hypnotic. It fills my senses with warmth. My blood begins to buzz through my veins. The sun is beginning to rise and paint the sky in beautiful bright orange, pinks and reds. The world is at a stand still. The grass is glittered with morning dew.


Image by Isabel Barreiro

It’s quiet as people make their way around the shop. I sit alone at a table, laptop in hand. I wonder how today will go. Quickly the sound of Elvis Presley sparks joy to my ears. My name is called from afar and I make my way over with a small smile. The cup is warm. I take a deep breath inhaling the bittersweet smell. The taste hits the tip of my tongue with full force. My eyes widen in gladness and my body begins to come alive. 

Image by Isabel Barreiro

It’s a simple latte. One I look forward to each morning. A simple addictive drink that turns me from zombie to human within a few minutes. One of the things I enjoy most in life.


Image by Isabel Barreiro

A simple cup of coffee.


Image by Isabel Barreiro

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