Summer Look Book 2019

If you haven’t noticed that you’ve been extra sweaty lately than you have not realized that it’s summer. And with summer comes sweat…a lot of it. But also beach days, sun, sun showers, shorts and lots of color.

Now 100% I am a Fall/Winter girl but I have been enjoying stretching my legs and getting some form of color.

There are many ways to dress for the summer. Something everyone recommends is anything that can breathe. Your skin is sweating which means it’s trying to cool your body down. The way to do that is to wear clothes that are not only light in color but in material. I tend to stick to shorts and lightweight tanks or shirts.

Being from Miami we love to wear color and matching two-piece sets. So below are some examples of outfits that I’ve worn/will wear this summer season. Although a piece of me is upset I didn’t capture the outfit I am currently wearing. Picture this a lace tank, denim shorts and a kimono, very boho chic.

One thing you’ll be quick to notice is that in each outfit I am wearing the same shoes. Now whether that was a style choice or that I was too lazy to change shoes you’ll never know. But it works regardless.



Shorts- Ross

Kimono- Tjmaxx

Sandals- Target

Bodysuit- Tjmaxx




Top- Sears

Jeans- American Eagle

Sandals- Target



Two- Piece Suit- Target

Hat- Target

Sandals- Target



Top- Sears

Shorts- Tjmaxx

Sandals- Target



Two-Piece Suit- Target

Sandals- Target



Top- Kohls

Kimono- Tjmaxx

Pants- Target

Sandals- Target


Now that is officially my summer day time looks. There is a multitude of looks that I could have created but this is just a few. I think we can all agree that Target should sponsor me. I would say 65% of my wardrobe is Target. So Target holler at ya girl!

Now stay tune because summer night looks are underway. How to stay cool and still look sexy chic will be hitting your screen in a week!

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