Traveling to Ancient Egypt!

A few weeks ago I took a trip back in time to ancient Egypt. It was heart pounding, emotional and breath taking. Now I didn’t really go back in time. I don’t have the technology for it yet but the stage at The Seminole Theater magically transformed to tell the story of two star crossed lovers. No not Romeo and Juliet. I did mention Egypt didn’t I? Radames and Aida. A slave and a soldier. Aida takes place in ancient Egypt and boy did the Seminole do a terrific job of making the audience feel as if they were there. C00A0096

There are three things I loved most about this production. The first is the music. The music is from Elton John so right off the back you know it’s going to be great. From ballads to high tempos and African beats the music flowed through the scenes moving the story along.

The next thing I love was the dancing. I wanted to go up on stage and join them! Everyone looked so into it and you couldn’t help but tap your foot and wiggle your body in your seat!

Obviously the last thing I loved about the play was the story itself and the actors that brought it to life. I’m very picky on whether I can feel what the actors are trying to portray but Charles Benitez (Radames) and Toddra Brunson (Aida) did a great job at making the audience and I fall in love. It was a beautiful show that I wished I was apart of.

But the summer shows aren’t done. The Seminole Theater has another show dropping today until next weekend. Let’s just say it involves a certain mermaid falling in love with a human.

Wait…wow summer at the theater is all about love!

Oh, and I may or may not be trying to help a certain sea witch on stage!

Splash around at the Seminole Theater and enjoy The Little Mermaid August 2-4, 9-11! Tickets on sale now! But I would suggest taking a rain coat. We have a few tricks up our scales!

2 thoughts on “Traveling to Ancient Egypt!

  1. Saw you as Jetsom in the Little Mermaid with my gf and friends Saturday. You were great! Is there a post coming? Wanted to say thanks and good luck to you. We go to the theater a lot and enjoy talented people such as you. Peace, Ryan


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