Making into The Little Mermaid

I’ve just finished performing The Little Mermaid at the Seminole Theater and instead of recovering and relaxing I’ve been prepping for my brother’s baby shower. So have I slept? Not for a few weeks. Do I need a break? Desperately.

But regardless I get a lot of questions asking about the audition process at Seminole. It’s nothing too scary. You come to the audition with a song of 12-18 measures prepared to sing in front of a few people. You’ll be placed in groups according to your number. There are three stations you’ll rotate to. Vocal, acting and dancing. Everyone at the Seminole are incredibly kind and make the audition process feel like a breeze.

I know for The Little Mermaid over 100 people showed up to audition. It was long mainly due to the fact the auditions were for two separate plays. Aida and The Little Mermaid. But it was very fun with everyone being supportive of each other.

For those who didn’t know I played Jetsam, Ursula’s hench-woman. Playing Jetsam was interesting because I’ve never played a slimy, creepy eel before. It took awhile to feel comfortable using a puppet and mimicking movements of an eel. I was only in about five scenes which meant I wasn’t at rehearsal as much as the ensemble. My rehearsal schedule was split between vocal and scenes. Closer to show time we would run the acts.

The longest hardest week for any actor is tech week. Tech week isn’t essentially for the actor but for the tech crew. We are running sounds, music, mics, lights, set transitions and costume changes. It consists of long hours and having to repeat a lot of scenes. But it’s much needed.

Now opening night? That was a whirlwind. Stay tune!


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