That’s a Wrap Under the Sea!

We waited excitedly off stage. Peeking I could see the crowd. We were finally performing in front of an audience and I had no idea how they were going to react. The months of rehearsal and grueling tech week were leading up to this moment. Once I saw the streamers fall indicating Ursula’s lair was now in place, I was gliding myself across the stage. This was the moment. I had no idea how the audience was going to react to my lines but I was excited.


But let’s rewind to tech week. Tech week was brutal. It was long and for those who weren’t in a lot of scenes we were either eating or practicing. Tech week is mainly for the crew that oversee lights, sound, music and props. Therefore, there is a lot of stops and goes so that they are ready. I could feel myself getting anxious as the week progressed. We started late a few times and I wasn’t sure what reaction I was going to get. I kept switching my voice and trying to carry my lines differently.  It was nerve wrecking.


It’s was a whirlwind of 9 shows, each with a unique audience. Some laughed out loud and some waited for the end of the show to burst into applauds. I spent hours in heavy makeup and a mo-hawk of green hair twirled into buns. Safe to say my skin and hair are enjoying the break. Some of my favorite moments involved being backstage and making all of the songs into villain songs. For example Scuttle ‘Positoovity’ song turned into Negatoovity. Moments I cherished revolved around everyone’s reaction to Ursula strutting out for the first time and dancing behind the curtain during ‘Kiss the Girl.’ We even made a few kids cry. I won’t lie that made me a little happy. I guess I did my character good!


I’m grateful for the people I got to grow close too. I’m thankful for my partner. We came a long way from the first rehearsal. We worked hard trying to get into our characters and finding our voice. Thanks to Magaly for helping me explore my actor side/evilness. Thank you to the cast for always having a good time. Thank you Frankie for an amazing production. Thank you to everyone who made the show possible! Lastly , thank you to everyone who came out to support me! It meant the world to me!


Being Jetsam was a learning experience. I got to tap into my evil side. I got to learn how to move on stage like an eel which I’m sure will come in handy…one day. Team Evil will forever remain in my heart.  I lay my eel puppet down in gratitude.

I wonder what my next show will be. I wonder what my next step is.

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