Catch Up with Me- October 2019

Dear Blog,

It’s currently 11:54 pm on October 14, 2019. The past few weeks have literally been insane. Let’s do a quick catch up!

I went to Paris to surprise my godmother for her birthday! We almost missed our returning flight. That was a mission.

I than had two interviews for two social media marketing internships the day after I flew back. I scored both! Passed my midterm and took pictures for my very first paid event!

Realized that I am currently in my senior year of University. Am I scared? Possibly. I have to start looking at spring classes this week. I graduate in the summer and than it’s hopefully off to get my master’s! I start my internships this week! I have a meeting for my first internship in about thirty minutes!

I got to see my nephew yesterday! He was born October 12 and is the yummiest thing in the world. I am absolutely in love with him.

Oh and I’m actually sick right now. I have zero strength for anything but I have a lot to accomplish this week so here is to me trying my best! I think that’s all that has happen in the past 3 weeks. Yeah…in 3 weeks this is everything that has happen!

I have a lot of plans in the work and a lot of responsibilities but when do I not? So I’m signing off! Have to work on my next fashion post.

See ya soon,

Isabel Barreiro

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