Why Pixar’s New Short ‘Purl’ Represents Women in The Workforce

By now we’ve managed to be sucked into the world of Disney+. Most of us have turned into mindless Disney zombies with our Mickey ears and blanket corned into our bed. We’ve relived our childhood over and over again. We’ve even given some of the new things a try like High School Musical: The Musical:Continue reading “Why Pixar’s New Short ‘Purl’ Represents Women in The Workforce”

Sunny Side Up and Over Done

A lot of great things have been happening lately. But I can’t help feeling as if I’m doing everything wrong. I just finished my first big stage assistant director show and we sold out every night. Which I should be proud of. My first semester as a senior finishes next month. I, for sure don’tContinue reading “Sunny Side Up and Over Done”