2019 Reflection-Part 2

Alright. Time for my annual reflection. I swear every time I write one of these I realize I just get busier and busier with each passing year. 2019 was one for the books. I accomplished a lot of firsts. 

Now my favorite part. Let’s take a look at my New Year’s Resolution from last year and see how horrible I did.

2019 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Travel more (in the works as we speak)
  2. Believe in my work
  3. Pursue this blog more seriously (aka go to events and be inspired by the world)
  4. Push myself musically
  5. Look for opportunities and go for them no matter what
  6. Speak out more and don’t be afraid to

Wow. I did it. I actually accomplished my resolutions. I’m kinda shock as I write. This. I got to travel to two countries, I started creating scrunchies and photography, I kept up this blog decently, I performed in shows and tackled harder songs, I got two internships and I spoke up for myself in multiple situations. I. Did. It.

I’m officially a senior at my university and my most recent semester kicked my ass…literally. My classes were tough and it looks like I’ll be repeating a class. Was I upset? Yes. But it all came down to one bad essay grade. So despite my busy schedule I was actually doing good in the class despite my deep dislike for the teacher. 

I got to go to London and Dublin with my best friends. What a trip! I definitely miss all the craziness and adventure. But now that I think about it I got to spend my birthday in Ireland. How am I topping that next year?!

My mother and I decided to open an etsy shop. Balbina Boutique. She makes headbands and knits handmade decorations and I make scrunchies. It’s slowly becoming something which I love. 

Not only did I get to perform in The Little Mermaid I got to be an assistant director for Aladdin Jr. I was majorly invested in the theatre this year. And I’m pretty proud of myself.

I’m finishing off the year with 2 internships! I literally finish on Thursday. School, theatre and two internships. Bless my mom, friends and boyfriend for keeping me sane. 

And one of the best things that happened this year was the birth of my adorable nephew Tiago! He’s absolutely delicious. 

I also grew as a person. I learned a lot about myself. A lot of self improvement has happened. It’s interesting once you know why you react or think they way you do you learn how toxic in can be. My best friend’s and I are closer than ever. We’ve been more honest and open with each other that I feel like we’ve reached a new level. Also my best friend’s have been killing it. Honestly, even if they can’t see it. I also have an amazing boyfriend which I’ll leave at that. 😉

The year is ending in less than two weeks and all I have left to do is host Friendmas and Christmas Eve dinner. Wish my mother and I luck!

However something about 2020 has me nervous. Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to graduating and deciding on a masters. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a job or an internship lined up at the moment. Or maybe it’s because I have no idea what to look forward too. A part of me is nervous. Nervous of what it might bring but another part of me realizes that with every passing year things get better. The opportunities get better. The adventures get better. So despite being nervous I’m also incredibly excited. 

So cheers to 2020 and whatever it may hold and cheers to turning 24. Jeez I’ll be 24. Almost halfway to 30. That’s a scary thought. 

Oh wait! But my 2020 New Year’s Resolution! What should I try to do? This is hard.

2020 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Travel even more! Especially with mom!
  2. Push myself more into creating content whether it’s with photography, blogging or youtube.
  3. Go for more auditions. 
  4. Cook/try more exotic food.
  5. Look/Go for more opportunities even if I think I’m not exactly perfect for them.
  6. Be more present in my relationships.

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