Why I’m Not Happy About Graduating

I graduate August 2. You’re probably wishing me congratulations. Which I get. It’s a big thing. I’m finally graduating. It took a very long time to get here. But everyone has their own path. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. 

But if I’m being honest I’m not excited. I’ve expressed this to multiple people. And everyone questioned it. Everyone said I should be happy. 

You’re forgetting. I’m graduating in 2020. There is a global pandemic that people are treating like a political issue when it’s a human issue. There’s a civil war that people are treating like it is a political issue and only the privilege matter (By the way I fully support the BLM movement. Growing up in a low income, heavily immigrant neighborhood makes you see and hear things). The job market is basically nonexistent. Finding a job after graduation has always been hard but now it’s even words. I’ve spent exhausting hours looking for jobs that I can work remotely for. And I don’t even know what I should be applying for. Masters degree? How am I going to afford that? What am I doing with my life? 

So yes. I’m terrified to graduate because I don’t know what sort of monster of a storm I’m being thrown into it. None of us know. So thank you for the congrats. I assure you I’ll be drinking lots of wine on graduation day (yes mom I know you’re going to read this. Saying that doesn’t make me alcoholic it means I’m celebrating and you should too). 

Also can I just say this has been the hardest semester of school in my life and I’m literally ready to break at any given moment. 

Wait! I didn’t even mention my degree. I’m getting a Bachelor’s in Science in PRAAC. You have no idea what that is right? Well FIU is the only school to my knowledge to offer it. It stands for PR/Advertising/Applied Communications. Therefore I should be somewhat knowledgeable in each of those areas. And a minor in social media marketing. Although I think I need to fill out the paperwork for that…..ugh another thing to add to my never ending list. (08/15/20 They wouldn’t give me my minor) Along with figuring out how I’m doing my own graduation pictures….I can do this. I can definitely do this…

I have no idea what 2020 has in store for me for it’s last few months but I’ll try to keep my head above water. Thankfully french fries exist to hold me over.

Written at 2:30 AM. Excuse the mistakes.

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