It’s Okay To Not Be Excited


Am I suppose to be excited? Honestly I’m not. For me it’s just going to be another day. And I’ve made piece with that fact. I use to feel bad because everyone would be excited and I would just be there thinking something is wrong with me.

For most people graduation is an achievement, an accomplishment (and it is) but for me it’s just another stop, another step in life. And that’s fine. I know that I’ve accomplished a lot. And I don’t try to diminish that. I’ve done a lot in the six years I’ve taken to get my bachelor’s. And yes it’s taken six years. No shame because there’s none. So I know this is also a big thing. But it’s the one of many. This is a BIG achievement but it’s not MY big achievement. I know in my heart I haven’t reached where I want to be. This is just a step to get to my dream.

So no more “You SHOULD feel excited.” “But you SHOULD feel happy.”

Just like how Sven says, “You feel what you feel and those feelings are real.”

Also I would like to give thanks to cameras with timers because man this was a mission.

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