I have seen to find myself in limbo‚Ķagain I always seem to trail back to this corner of my mind. A small cave where I’m lost. Stuck. Confused. I sit here and ponder. Who am I? What do I do next? Should I? Should I not? The walls are filled with questions and visions. SoContinue reading “Limbo”

A Chanced Encoutner

Today was a long day. Today was a long day. I noticed the only bench in the park was occupied by a blonde beauty. There was a stunning man walking towards me. I saw her. I saw him. I slid down next to her. He slid down next to me. The wooden bench was deeplyContinue reading “A Chanced Encoutner”

I am a Lost Boy

I close my eyes and take in the air A sandy beach covered in pixie dust I don’t feel scared My fears begin to melt I close my eyes as my heart takes a leap The enchanted waters are filled with warmth Off the ship I am free   I lay among the lost boysContinue reading “I am a Lost Boy”

Coffee Shop Love Story Part IV

She was giddy inside. Happy that Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes was sitting across from her. Happy that he remembered her habit. She gave a small smile staring back at her notebook. Than she realized she had to actually write. She scratched her arm and picked up her pen. Words flowed on the page in hisContinue reading “Coffee Shop Love Story Part IV”