Cold Spring Days

Cold spring days

Leafless trees

Cracked Sidewalks

I close my eyes

Feel the icy breeze slash my face

Inhale the smell of city life


Clouds wrap the sky

Faces walk on by

Strangers brush past

I stand alone…waiting

Waiting for warmth

The sun sets, my heart sinks


My empty hand

The one you held

I walk to the park

Hoping to find my heart

The trees are bare

Memories wash my brain

The pain begins again


Rain drops slowly fall

I welcome them with open arms

Let is wash away the pain

The laughs, the kisses, the happiness


All that’s left is an empty shell

Around the city I’m a ghost

Empty hellos

Meaningless goodbyes

Staring at my reflection

I’m lost


Cold spring days

Leafless trees

Cracked Sidewalks

I close my eyes

Feel the icy breeze slash my face

Inhale the smell of city life

I walk on…


I am coal

Dark and dirty

Crushed and hammered

Forgotten and worn


Coal goes through many bumps

Coal suffers many cracks

It goes through difficult stages





But a coal turns into a diamond



Sought for


One day I’ll be a Diamond

I’ll look back on my time as a coal and smile

Say I survived

I persevered

But for now I am coal


I am coal

Dark and dirty

Crushed and hammered

Forgotten and worn



A long journey to come

But it’ll be worth it

Coffee Shop Love Story Part IV

She was giddy inside. Happy that Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes was sitting across from her. Happy that he remembered her habit. She gave a small smile staring back at her notebook. Than she realized she had to actually write. She scratched her arm and picked up her pen. Words flowed on the page in his presence. It was as if he was her muse. She liked that thought.


Sitting on the couch the girl sighed. Home alone, as usual. It became her normal. Mother worked long hours leaving her to take care of food and the house. It was like being Cinderella but without the evil stepsisters and evil stepmom. Her mother was kind and sweet. Just trying to make a leaving. She settled into the couch and flipped through the channels. Her mind wandering to the handsome stranger she had met. The way his eyes glowed and his infectious smile.

She stopped. Not wanting to write anymore. Instead she wanted to talk to Mr. Sexy Brown eyes. She took a deep breath and looked up. He was already looking at her. Her heart flipped. He smiled. “Done?” She sighed, “for today yeah.” He nodded, “how’s it coming?” She made a face which made him chuckle. “Slowly…very slowly. I’m not sure what direction I’m going in. I kinda just sit here and write and let whatever happens happens. It is suppose to be a love story so I can’t get too crazy.” She reached for her tea. “Ah, so no crazy killers? Mysterious deaths?” She paused. “Unless the guy she likes is actually a serial killer and than he changes his ways for her and they live the rest of their lives happily ever after on the run.” That cracked him up. His laugh was deep and rumbled. She laughed along with him. “That would be one heck of a story.” She nodded in agreement. “I don’t think I’ve learned your name yet?” She cocked her head to the side, “care to guess?” A fire lit in his eyes. A challenge. “Mhmm let’s start with Ariel.” She laughed. “’m not a princess.” He shrugged his shoulders, “could have fooled me…let’s see…Abigail?” She shook her head. “Allison? Bethany? Rainbow? Kate?”

“No. No. What, no. Nope.” His pouted his lip. “It’s Mags. Just Mags.” He smiled, “well just Mags it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She shook her head smiling, “and yours?” He took a sip of his coffee. “My name is-“


I’ve been MIA for awhile now. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to write this post. But I’ve done a lot of thinking, wallowing, crying, and laughing. Lots of mixed emotions. I’m the type of person that likes to keep everything bottled up inside. Which I know is a bad thing. That’s why I’ve decided to come back to this blog. I want to express myself more. Write about things I love. Get back into the Geek Critiques. So here I am. Back and slightly better. I wonder what will come out of this. I guess I should start and see what happens?


Have a great day!


Sleeping with Coffee

Izzy’s Geek Critiques: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Today I decided to introduce something new to my blog! On my YouTube channel I started a series called, “Izzy’s Geek Critiques.” In this series I critique(review) things that interest me such as movies, shows, and music. My first two videos in this series are on K-Dramas. For those who don’t know what that is, that is Korean Dramas. I will discuss the characters, plot, ending (without revealing much), and the music. So let’s get our geek on!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


If you’ve been down in the dumps or haven’t been feeling yourself I suggest grabbing some popcorn and curling up to this show! This show is the perfect pick me up! It’s lighthearted, funny, and romantic with a splash of craziness. I don’t know about you but that’s my favorite mixture!

This show stars the lovely Lee Sung-Kyung  who plays Kim Bok-Joo. A strong young adult in every sense of the world. Kim Bok-Joo is an inspirational character as she works her ass off to hopefully enter the Olympics as a weightlifter! Yes, you read right. A show centered on a female weightlifter! Next up we have the beautiful, funny, tall, ab-licious  Nam Joo-Hyul who plays the overly confident Jung Joon-Hyung. His past breaks your heart (but not for too long). The minor characters are just as great as the main! Some include Lee Joo-Young who plays Lee Sun-Ok and Cho Hye-Jung  who also plays Jung Nan-Hee. These two girls plus Kim Bok-Joo make up what I call ‘The Three Musketeers.’ These girls are the definition of true friends. They have each other’s back through thick and in! They also love food and being themselves.What I really liked about the characters was how relatable they were. I found a piece of myself in each character which I think always makes a show great.


I haven’t really mention what the show is about now did I? Let’s dive in! Get it dive-in? Because one of the characters is a swimmer? Okay, I’ll stop. Anyway Kim Bok-Joo is an aspiring weightlifter in college. Her dad runs small fried chicken restaurant along with her uncle. Jung Joon-Hyung is aspiring swimmer in college who has a problem with false starting in competitions. Joon-Hyung persistence in Bok-Joo life helps their friendship bloom. Their past also connects them. Both dream of one day competing in the Olympics. The story is centered on their relationship and how it develops from annoyance to friendship to eventually love. Each character has their own backstory and demons that they must face. It’s a crazy, tearful, romantic story that makes you appreciate young love and making dreams come true with hard word.

Talking about it just makes me want to watch it all over again.


Now for the ending. I promise not to give too much away. The ending was everything you could have hoped for. Take it as you will. People end up where they are meant to be. Whatever you think that is of course. Your heart is filled with joy and sadness that it’s over. I cried my eyes out at the ending credits. The title of the last episode is called, ‘Spring Again..Youth..and Us.’ I couldn’t talk about the ending without mention the last line in the show. “Everyone has their youth. It’s awkward, but beautiful time that remains in our memories you don’t care about the things you have and it feels like you can do anything. Youth at age 14. I’m still anxious but excited.” Every time I read this line I’m filled with a sense of something bittersweet. The line reminds me that it’s okay to live in the moment that is now. We are young. We will make mistakes. All we can do is make them and than learn from them. This is the age we are allowed to be selfish, take roads less travel on, and try new things. It also reminds us to be open to love and beautiful things will happen if we accept it with an open heart. We should be enjoying our youth now and take every opportunity we are granted.

Now for my favorite part: Music. I will be honest this soundtrack wasn’t my favorite out of all the k-dramas I have seen. Because of that I really can’t say much. There is a total of 12 songs. Each song is light and sweet which makes it fit very well with the theme of the show. Some of my favorites include: Han Hee Jung (한희정) ,  Is It Love? –Ahn Hyun Jung, and 20 years old by various artists.

Overall the show was amazing! It brought tears and joy to my heart! I would recommend this show to anyone who needs something light and funny!

Check out my geek critique:

My First K-Pop Fanmeet

I’ve probably sat down and tried to write this at least one thousand times. Where do I even begin? As you can tell from the title this is about K-Pop. What is K-Pop? Korean pop music. No, I am not Korean. No, I don’t understand half the words. But that is the beauty of music. You don’t need to understand the words let alone have there be words to not understand the feeling. Music touches the soul. It evokes and emotion within you. That is what it does. That’s what makes music a universal language. That’s what makes it so amazing.

So about two weeks ago (actually 16 days but who’s counting?) I got to experience my first live, right in front me, like two feet away K-Pop experience. And let me tell you how it was. It first started off by picking up my wristband that symbolized that I was P1 meaning I had the amazing fortunate to take a picture with the group. The group. I didn’t even tell you who THEY are. GOT7….GOT7! Aka the super cute, super funny, super talented boy group. But if I’m honest so many groups are. Here’s a quick rundown of the group. We have JB (not Justin Bieber. JB=Jaebum, also the leader), Mark (the oldest), Jinyoung (the actor), BamBam (the Dab King), YoungJae (Incredible belting voice and CUTIE), Jackson (The goofball/teddy bear), Yugyeom (the youngest and dancer). img_8262

Anyway picking up my wristband was pretty simple and fairly quick. Entering the P1 area I was hit with a jungle of women and men all pushing against the barricade to get closer to the stage. I picked a spot towards the left of the stage where much of the crowd wasn’t gathered. Did I mention I was standing alone? No? I was by myself (cries inside) and my friends were all over the place in the theater. I had at least two rows of estrogen standing in front of me. I was banking on being able to see over the crowd because typically I’m blessed with such circumstances. But alas, the Gods weren’t with me and I was stuck behind giants. What’s worse. Giants with phones being thrusted into the air.

The concert, I mean fanmeet started pretty much on time to my surprise. Now you’ve probably noticed that I’ve said fanmeet and not concert. That’s because there is a difference. Fanmeets are more centered toward the fans. Meaning they focus more on answering questions, playing games on stage, and interacting with their fans. Bonus: they do get to perform their music for us! And boy can those men WORK THEM HIPS! What can I say? I gladly took noticed. The whole fanmeet made me feel very connected to them. It also didn’t help that Yugyeom was like two feet away grinding the air…

What really surprised me and definitely GOT7 was how big and amazing our crowd was. This was the first time they were in my city. Not many K-Pop idols come here and everyone definitely took the opportunity when they found out GOT7 would be coming. The tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes and it was the most the theater had made. K-Pop fans are very dedicated. And here I thought Justin Bieber fans were scary. img_8261

The boys put on a great performance. T met a few nice girls  and it was a great time. This is when things went a bit crazy. After the boys were down they left the too cool off and change. People with P1 and P2 (P2=Hi-Touch= shaking all the boys hands) tickets stayed while everyone else left. P1 had to magically get into a line and form groups of 10. How they made 200 people get into a line I still don’t know. Thankfully the new girls I met wanted to make a group. This particular photo sesh was interesting. Like I said we would need to be in a group of 10 so we can sit in chairs to take our pictures. The boys would stand behind us and come forward. Barely a chance to speak. Very interesting right? This meant we had to line up in the order we saw the boys to get the boy we wanted behind us. Problem was that us four girls all wanted the same guy. Solution? None of us would get him. Tell me how sweet these girls are. I was so grateful! I ended up with BamBam who is the friendliest and was GLOWING. He also squeezed my hand ridiculously hard. But I’m not complaining. img_8377

Honestly, for a first live K-Pop event, I’m blown away. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I’m grateful that they got to come here and I had the chance to go. They put on a great performance and the people I met were great. This only makes me look forward to BTS concert in March. BTS, BTS, BTS!!!! Can you hear me screaming through this?! Because I am!! What groups do you like? Who’s your bias? Does this make you want to listen to K-Pop?

Hear about all of this in my video with clips from the event!


Home. A simple four letter word that holds such a powerful meaning. I live in a city where most people around my age want to leave. They want to pack their things and never look back. I won’t lie saying I am not one of them. You tend to outgrow where you grew up. All you see are the things you hate, what you can’t stand. You ignore the beauty it holds. I guess you could say I had forgotten.


I grew up taking this street to church every Sunday. I know it like the back of my hand. Not once did I ever take notice of the shops, restaurants or people. All I saw was a street. A street filled with crowded cars and people jay walking. I was blinded to classic beauty of each bench, each building, each cobblestone on the sidewalk. I was senseless to the smell of Mexican food in the air, deaf to chatter of different languages as families strolled by.


But than my eyes had cleared, my ears could hear and I could smell. It was awakening. Yes, I’m anxious to one day leave all this hidden beauty behind (when I am able and ready of course) but I hadn’t realized that with all this I wouldn’t me. I realized that this is home. This is my childhood. This is where I grew up and has helped me become who I am today. Despite the horrendous traffic, rude people and endless construction I’ve been able to eat great Mexican food, Cuban coffee, and speak different languages (to the best of my abilities).


Home. A simple four lettered word that holds such a powerful meaning.

This is home now and always.

Coffee Shop Love Story Part III

She sat down with a sigh of content. Leaves falling to the ground. The smell of cinnamon and coffee mingling. She looked around. People from all walks of life scattered around close to each other. Sharing their warmth and stories. A table across from her held a older man and three young children. A single dad taking his three kids to grab hot chocolate and cookies. No wedding ring. Maybe today is his today with his kids. Another table held three young girls. Textbooks and laptops filled the table. Perhaps studying for midterms. And then there was her. Alone in the same table that was directly to the left of the door. She glanced at the seat across. Barren. No tall, dark stranger casting secret glances at her. No warm brown eyes attempting to gauge at her secrets. She felt disappointed. She sighed into her mint green tea. Pulling out her journal and pen she set them down. It was going to be a brutal two hours of straight writing if God so helped her. She bit her lip. Her eyes caress the last line she wrote.

The tall stranger shook her hand. Gently squeezing. “Until next time.” He leaned in. He smelled of fresh pine and cologne. His lips grazed her cheek. His short beard scratching her skin. It felt nice and oddly comforting. She smiled back with a short nod. They each turned away and walked on into the cold November wind.’ 

She continue to stare at the lines ad if they were going to jump out of her journal and dance across the cafe. This was the downsize of being a writer. Once the inspiration is gone it’s very hard to get back. She was stuck and this time she didn’t have a brown eye hunk to lure her mind into the imagination world. She sighed irritably. She had a feeling this was going to happen a lot today. She cast her eyes once again around the place. The father looked tired. His black tie was loose and the first two buttons of his checkered shirt was undone. He hadn’t had a clean shave in a few days. His pepper salt hair was pushed back with his fingers. The bags under his eyes showed that he hadn’t gotten much sleep and his hands looked dry and cracked. Signs of a hard worker. His body said one thing but his eyes shone with joy while looking at his three kids smiling faces. A part of her was jealous of the kids. Seeing how happy they were to have a father. She felt grateful that they were being shown that love. Right at that moment the door ding. She quickly looked towards the door. Her heart sank. It was a short woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She looked towards the children and smiled. The mother. She kissed the father on the cheek and sat closed to him. The kids yelled, “mama.” A happy family she hoped. She glanced at the journal. She nervously picked up the pen. She glanced back at the family and tentatively began to write.

‘Walking down the street lined with tiny shops she smiled. Breathing in the crisp November air she smiled. Looking around to see people walking oblivious to the beauty around them she sighed. For a moment she enjoyed life’s beauty but now reality was setting in the closer she got home. She took her time walking, wanting to savor every moment of peace that she could. She stared up at her building and open the black gate and walked up the steps. She took out her keys and with a sigh open the door. The house was quiet and dark. She stepped out of her shoes and hung her coat and scarf. She tip toe into the dark kitchen. The house was empty. She glanced around at the sink filled with this morning dishes. Her mother would be home soon. She took a deep breath and began washing. She saw her mother had took out meat to defrost. “Dinner for two,” she said into vacant air.’

She set her pen down and bit her lip. Her story was taking on more depth. She was writing without considering where her story was heading. Instead she just took what inspiration was around her and wrote. Her drank in tea in silence while taking a mini break. Thoughts began swarming in her head, pitching potential ideas of how to go about the next part. Would the mom be mean? Would the mom be nice? Is she single or married? Is it a happy marriage? She was so occupied in her thoughts she hadn’t notice someone slip into the chair across from her. Her heart began to hammer when she noticed a cinnamon colored hand was setting down a black coffee that she hoped had two sugars. She felt her stomach twist in knots. Her hands felt sweaty as she desperately rubbed them against her black jeans. She cursed at herself. It most likely wasn’t even him. How could she be reacting like this to a possible stranger that might be the exact stranger that she barley spoken let alone flirt with from the other day? Maybe it was because it was the first time in almost a year a man had made her feel nervous and excited. The first time in a year were a man had made her heart flutter and her brain agitated with interest. This probably isn’t Mr. Sexy Brown eyes. All she had to do was look up. Just look up to see if it was him. But she was afraid. Instead she avoided the stranger across from her like the plague. Instead she got up and grabbed her tea. “Leaving already? Isn’t two teas later and you’re done?” She froze in place. She stared into warm brown eyes framed by long dark lashes. His smiled revealed the slightly chip left tooth. His chest lifted up as he breathed stretching his burgundy flannel. With a deep breath to calm her nerves. This time she smirked, “one tea down. One to go.” She turned around and made her way into the line ignoring the urge to look back. Should she?

Coffee Shop Love Story Part II

The girl in her story peeked back. It wasn’t a full look back but her character couldn’t resist the temptation of sneaking a glance. Typical, she knows. And she, the writer couldn’t help herself either. She looked up. She wouldn’t deny her appeal to him because it was there. He was attractive and if she could she would stare at him all day. But one thing she could do is deny her heart and what it thinks it wants. I mean the last time she gave in it broke into pieces. The two girls who she noticed before got up and walked out the door but not without sneaking a glance at Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes. They giggled. She shifted in her seat, uncomfortable with the attention he was drawing to their table. She looked back at her journal. She got further ahead then she had expected. Although she wasn’t sure how she felt about the dialogue she wrote. The door dinged and she ignored it. Engrossed into her story she hadn’t noticed The Blonde had come back and was standing next to her man…the man…a man. She heard The Blonde’s voice and forced herself to keep her head down. “I just wanted to come and say hi.” Her voice was low for a female but sounded sweet. ‘Charmingly sweet,’ she thought. Breaking her mantra to kept her head down. Her eyes on the other hand looked up. The blonde looked confident. The Blonde stood tall with her shoulders back. One hand on her hip the other on the table. Her body clearly and open invitation for him to talk to. Clear telltale signs she was into him. He on the other hand had his body facing straight towards the table only his head was faced in her direction. He seemed more closed off. “Hey, ” a short response. Now she was definitely interested in this interaction. Her brain began forming ideas. “Well…I guess bye.” The Blonde looked confused. “Bye,” he gave her a quick smile before returning to his phone. The Blonde walked away shoulders slumped. Her friend waiting for her outside. She felt bad. “That wasn’t exactly nice.” Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes looked at her. She felt her stomach drop. “I know but I also know what she wanted and frankly she’s not my type.” She made a face, “And what made you think she wanted to be anything more than friends?” He smirked and that irritated her. “You’re the people watcher I bet you could tell.” Okay, so she maybe could. The Blonde’s cheeks had turn pink, her pupils dilated, her voice a tad too sweet, and her body language gave it away but she wasn’t about to let him know he was right. “She seemed nice. Nothing wrong with being just friends.” She sipped her tea. “I have enough friends.” He was very firm with his voice whenever he spoke. “You can never have enough friends,”  she fired back. She sat her tea down. He smiled and she felt her face turn red. “True, nevertheless I did make a new one today.” She stared in disbelief. “Yeah, are you sure they want to be friends with you back?” She ended a sentence in her journal. He eyed her, “why not?” She ignored his question. She felt the table shift and creak. She glanced up. He was leaning towards her. Her heart flipped. “Plus I have a feeling,” his voice was low and inviting “there’s something there.” She rolled her eyes and continued writing. “Something sweet and almost kind,” she muttered under her breath. “New and a bit alarming.” She stared at him. He did not. Did he? She shook her head and once again focused on her writing. But that didn’t last long when she heard someone humming. She glanced up. Her annoyance level was climbing. She looked at him with a straight face. “He’s no prince charming.” She spoke firmly. “You sure about that,” he smirked. “You’re ruining my concentration.” She took a deep breath. She sat her pen down and rubbed her eyes. She was quoting Beauty and the Beast with a hot guy. This was all kinds of wrong, weird, and kind of funny. “I thought I was helping.” He sat back in his seat. “And how do you suppose that?” He stretched his arms behind his head. She ignored his biceps stretching through his shirt. “Disney+Music=Love. At least that’s what my little sister says.” She looked down at her journal closing it. She was done for the day. “She’s a smart girl. But she shouldn’t dream like love is some fairy tale” She began packing up. He gave her a look. He seemed hurt, “You’re leaving?” She gazed back. What she would do to kiss him right now. Where had that come from? She mentally dissed herself. “Two teas later I’m done.” He nodded. She pushed in her chair. This was it. This was when she would say good bye to Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes. He stood up. He was a good couple inches taller than her. He pushed in his chair, tossed his coffee out, and held the door open for her. So maybe he was a gentlemen? She gave him a lopsided smile. “Thanks.” Outside the sun was setting. The breeze was blowing. People still walking around, hurrying to get home. She began walking away not knowing which direction he was going, not wanting to bother. “Hey!” A deep voice called out. She turned around. Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes was wearing a huge smile, “You turned around.” She rolled her eyes. She turned back and walked home trying to force a smile spreading across her face. Ideas for her story continued to form. But at night her dreams were filled with a man with sexy brown eyes.

Coffee Shop Love Story Part I

She sat in a coffee shop with a journal opened to a blank page. A blue pen sits by her right side while a steamy green mint tea stands by her left hand. She faces the window watching the people walk along the cobble stone path. She breathes in the smell of fresh coffee and cinnamon buns. Her nose twitches at the smell in slight annoyance. Cinnamon. Overflowing, intoxicating, nauseating smell of cinnamon consumed her quaint coffee shop. Her cheeks are still red from the chill outside. The clouds scatter across the sky creating a tranquil atmosphere. The perfect weather that made you want to cuddle up to someone you cared about and watch old films. The perfect setting of a love story. A story she should write. A story she should have already written. But instead she stares at the blank page with a mixture of sadness and frustration. The pen is itching to be held in her delicate pale hand. She sighs. Waiting for some sort of miracle to hit. For some light bulb deep inside her brain to switch on. Waiting for some sort of feeling to fill her with creativity and hope. But it’s as if her brain has been shut off and the circulation of blood that was flowing to her hands was suddenly cut off.


The door to the coffee-house chimes open. She catches a whiff of cologne. The smell draws up familiar memories of past friendships, of old adventures, of high school. Memories of heart ache and laughter. A small smile plays against her lips. She hears in a distance a deep voice order a black coffee with two sugars. For some reason the voice touches her. Deep. She picks up the pen. It feels cool and smooth to the touch. It feels like an old friend. She hears heavy steps come up behind her. From the corner of her eye she sees a toffee colored hand place itself on the chair across from her. “May I sit?” The deep voice asks. She looks up slowly. She meets the steady gaze of deep brown eyes. She doesn’t speak. She can’t. Her brain had woken up when she picked up the pen but now it’s as if it had short circuited and fried. Too afraid her voice will come out as a squeak she simply nods. His smile makes the corners of his eyes crinkle and he pulls out the chair and sits down. She smiles back feeling her body come back to life, her brain waking up from its slumber and the pen begins to dance across the page. She felt herself slowly come back to life. The journal sighing in bliss. The pen filling with warmth. The words kept flowing. Doors dinged open, people laughed and held conversations, but that was merely noise in the background. But just as quickly as the surge of inspiration came it left her body. Her pen once again laid next to her right hand. She took a sip of her tea, most of it gone. She didn’t fully felt satisfied for what she accomplished. She sighed debating on a refill. “Writers block?” She looked up to meet the man with warm brown eyes. “Um yeah,” she cleared her throat, cursing herself for how shaky it came out. He smiled, “the only writer’s block I’ve had to deal with is when I write papers for classes.” She giggled, “more or less the same but I should be enjoying this kind of writing instead.” He nodded in understanding. He took a sip of his coffee and she couldn’t help but sneak a glance. His skin was the color of cinnamon. His brown eyes were framed by long lashes which she became instantly jealous of. His body was lanky with definition under his gray long sleeve polo.  He had full lips with a mole on the side of his left cheek. His hair was cut short on the sides but he ran his fingers through the mop of straight hair on top. He was cute in the way where at first glance you wouldn’t have seen it. But if you pay closer attention you saw the beauty. He turned his face and the sun cut shadows against his cheeks. Once again she was overcome by jealousy. He was a man and yet she felt inferior to him. She tugged down on her oversized sweatshirt.


She glanced around the coffee shop. Two young girls were seated across from them. One was a redhead with freckles and jade green eyes. She was petite and cute. Her friend seated across had a bleach blonde bob with brown eyes. She had braces. Her gazed went to the window. People walking down the street. Some with bags in their hands. She heard a chuckle and was immediately snap out of her trance. The sound came from the man across from her. “Yes?” She spoke, slightly annoyed. He raised his hands in defense. “No nothing I was just noticing.” She made a face. He smiled, “You just seem to get lost in watching people, the details.” She felt her cheeks burn. She stared down at her pages. “May I read?” She looked up quickly. He chuckled, “let me guess that’s a bad question to ask a writer?”  She shook her head, “yeah right up there next to cheesy pick-up lines that end in you’re the only ten I see.” That made him smile. She noticed the corner of his left tooth was slightly chipped. ‘Maybe he isn’t perfect.’ She thought. “I’m going to get a refill and that does not mean you get the opportunity to read it.” She smirked and walked away. 90% of her prayed he listen but then 10% of her wanted him to read what she wrote. She grabbed her tea. He was sitting where she left him. She felt a tinge of sadness until she noticed a corner of the paged had been flipped backwards. She smiled to herself. She sat down placing her tea by her left hand. She looked at the last line in her journal so far. ‘Too afraid to turn back she wondered if she would ever see the stranger again.’ She quickly a glanced up. He was on his phone smiling. Maybe at another girl. A small part of her hated that she always assumed the worst. She had a nasty habit of being negative towards everyone, the world, and even herself. But then again why would it even matter? This isn’t a romance book nor is her story that she’s writing. Although that’s supposed to be a cheesy love story. She took a sip of her tea. “Shit,” she gasped burning her tongue. “You okay?” Mr. Sexy Brown eyes look concerned. She gave a sheepish smile, “I should have waited longer before taking a drink.” He offered a lopsided grin. She cursed at herself. ‘Way to go there.’ She scratched at the back of her head, frustrated once again.


She stared at the last line, chewing her bottom lip. When did it become like this? When did this become so hard? She used to love writing. She used to love watching her characters grow and develop but lately she was out of ideas. She was out of will to do anything. She stuck in the low part of life and didn’t know how to climb out of it. For the billionth time she took a deep breath and picked up the pen. She places the pen on the page and…nothing happens. Her mind is blank. “Have her look back.” She meets the gaze of Mr. Sexy Brown Eyes. “Have her look back?” He nods, sure of himself. “Isn’t that how most love stories go?” She chews her bottom lip. “I suppose but that’s so predictable.” He smiles, “but that’s what girls wants. They say they want the unpredictable and then complain when they don’t get the predicable. People are afraid of being unpredictable and predictable and I said those words to many times.” She giggles, “It’s true that we all do want what’s both familiar and unfamiliar but it’s hard to find that balance.” He sips his coffee. “And that is what makes love hard and worth it.” She smiled a surge of hope going through her. Without a word she began writing. She knew how she wanted this story to go. What she didn’t know was how her story was going to go after his coffee was done. But that’s the beauty of life. It is unpredictable and predictable.