Catch Up with Me- October 2019

Dear Blog,

It’s currently 11:54 pm on October 14, 2019. The past few weeks have literally been insane. Let’s do a quick catch up!

I went to Paris to surprise my godmother for her birthday! We almost missed our returning flight. That was a mission.

I than had two interviews for two social media marketing internships the day after I flew back. I scored both! Passed my midterm and took pictures for my very first paid event!

Realized that I am currently in my senior year of University. Am I scared? Possibly. I have to start looking at spring classes this week. I graduate in the summer and than it’s hopefully off to get my master’s! I start my internships this week! I have a meeting for my first internship in about thirty minutes!

I got to see my nephew yesterday! He was born October 12 and is the yummiest thing in the world. I am absolutely in love with him.

Oh and I’m actually sick right now. I have zero strength for anything but I have a lot to accomplish this week so here is to me trying my best! I think that’s all that has happen in the past 3 weeks. Yeah…in 3 weeks this is everything that has happen!

I have a lot of plans in the work and a lot of responsibilities but when do I not? So I’m signing off! Have to work on my next fashion post.

See ya soon,

Isabel Barreiro

My Mental Health and Me

Mental health awareness day was just a few days ago but it’s something we should take note of every day. Mental health has become extremely important the past years. It’s become a topic more people are ready to talk about. I’m one of those. I know personally from being an anxious introverted pessimistic perfectionist. That sounded like a lot. 

I tend to bottle all of my stress until I explode. Socializing is incredibly taxing on my body. Even ordering something makes me nervous. I replay conversations so I don’t mess up what I’m saying. I’m a worry wart for just about anything and I occasionally get anxiety attacks. Yes I get those. It doesn’t happen often because like I mention I bottle things up but it does happen. (Wow things just got real.) I bottle all the stress I didn’t even know I was stress about and some tiny pebble will fall in a river making me crack. As scary as it sounds it’s something I’m self-aware about and I’ve been doing okay on handling it.

But you probably wouldn’t have guess that. You probably never knew. I am an actress of course. But it’s hard. I feel emotions on a deeper level. I take on the world and push through until the weight of the world starts to tip-off my shoulders.

Mental health is incredibly important and it starts off young. The way I act, think and deal with things now have been results of what was happening at an early age. Trying to shift that takes time and hard work.

I try to make everyone happy for the fear of them leaving. That’s a huge realization. People pointing out how skinny I was my whole life is why I feel safer in baggy clothes. I hunch my shoulders because people would point out how tall I was. These are just a few things that have affected me growing up and I’m still trying to shake off. They affect me every day and every day I’m conscious of it to break the cycle.

I may look like I’m fine but I’m anything but that. I try to keep my captions on Instagram real, I try to post about these things so that others will feel more connected. So they won’t feel alone because I know what that’s like. I thankfully have friends who understand and try their best to help me.

Therefore take a break.  If it’s 6 PM sign off of work, put on some PJ’s and snuggle up on the couch. You’ve done a lot just by getting out of bed. It’s the little victories throughout the day that help us continue on. It could be a small achievement like waking up, eating breakfast, going for run or simply just looking outside and realizing the world is still going and so are you.

As bleak as it may seem, as hard and impossible it may seem you can get through anything. I know personally what I can get through just by looking back at all the mountains I’ve climbed. Sometimes we just need to remember. It’s okay to feel happy, sad or upset. We all feel things on different levels for different reasons. Never feel shame for it. We’re all going through something. 

So like I said: give yourself a break. Your mental health IS important because every day in the car, on the bus, at work, in the bathroom, kitchen or bed you’re stuck with yourself. You’re stuck with your voice in your head and it’s a lot easier if you get along.

Relax, reflect, rethink, relax.

Take care of yourself.

You matter.

“My dark days made me strong. Or maybe I already was strong, and they made me prove it.” – Emery Lord

Getting Out of The Unknown

People constantly question your life choices. I for one am deeply bothered by it. “What are you studying?” “What are you doing?” “You sure you want a career pursing that?” “It’s just hard to make it you know.” I’ve gotten those questions since high school. But I’m a determined person who doesn’t settle for less. So I brush the negativity aside as best as I can. I won’t lie, there are moments where it does get to me and I have to really look inside and question myself.

I question who I am, what I’m doing and what i want to do. I’ve learned that questioning isn’t a bad thing per say. People asking you questions isn’t bad. Some are just curious and others want to see if you know what you know. If anything it solidifies if what you want is really what you want. I’ve learned that questioning leads to knowledge and understanding. Which makes the world a better place if people would take the time to understand.

But once you hit college and post-grad there is this tiny place that feels infinite. It’s gray and at times really dark. It can be lonely. It’s the town called Unknown. The Unknown is a very easy place to go. It’s on every map. It’s around the corner, passed the towns called, “Life, Career, School, Family and Love.” Each of those towns can be very scary. Sometimes they intertwine during festivals. So we drive down the street and land in Unknown City where we curl ourselves into a ball on a washed out mattress avoiding reality. It’s really easy to stay in the Unknown. But it’s not exactly scary depending on you. The Unknown is where you can reflect. You begin to think about all the dreams you had, unanswered prayers and it’s also filled with endless possibilities. Only if you choose to see it that way of course. It’s a place where you can do anything and everything. All it takes is for you to get off the mattress and explore.

One thing that boggles my mind is when people tell you how you should live your life and by when and then in a blink of an eye they say you have all the time in the world. That you’re young and therefore you don’t need to rush school or marriage or kids but please do all of that by 30. And own a house with a good paying job.

So which one is?

Do I focus on enjoying life?

Do I get married and have kids when I can’t even afford to live on my own?

Which is it folks?!

There is so much pressure from society because of how people use to live. You know the saying, “well when I was your age…” Times were different back then. School wasn’t as expensive and landing jobs weren’t as difficult. Then you have the media where people broadcast their seemingly perfect life and you begin to think, “Why haven’t I done that yet?”

I turn 24 in a few months and in no shape or form am I ready. There is so much to figure out. And despite all the noise, negativity and unwanted comments I’m sitting here saying screw it!

20-30’s is all about traveling, going out, learning who you are, where you wanna be and who you want to spend it with. I don’t want to regret who I’ll become. I want to be proud and inspire others. Maybe I’ll do that with this blog or maybe I’ll do it some other way. I’m not rushing. God has shown me time and time again that there is a road to be walked not run.

So for all you people who are just scraping by. It’s okay. So am I. I literally had to clean a shed with a co-worker today. And no I don’t want to be a shed cleaner for the rest of my life but until I become a famous journalist/blogger/social media manager/photographer it’s what I got to do. And yes I listed a bunch of things that I want to do. And yes I don’t care because anything is possible. I refuse to do one thing for the rest of my life. It’s not how I was raised.

So to end this blog post I just gotta say shine that crown of yours, wear it proudly even if it has a few rusty edges and strut out of the Unknown into a life of your creation.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive.

-Maya Angelou

Mid-Year Catch Up

The past summer has involved a lot of coffee and very little sleep. I bounced between summer classes, rehearsals, baby shower preparations and landing jobs. Was it worth the little sleep? I think so. Did I make time for myself? I tried. This summer was filled with new beginnings and exhaustion. But now the fall semester has started and I thought I would be catching a break. Boy was I wrong. I have some pretty tough classes, a brand campaign to work on, this blog, assistant director for Aladdin Jr. and attempting to land some position in communications.

But as of right now, I feel like I’m in a rut. A creative rut. I feel like I’m missing my spark. Maybe it’s lost. Misplace? Or maybe its in a tiny box in the corner of my brain labelled, “Lost but eventually will be found.” Once upon a time I used to be filled with creativity. I would be oozing with ideas. They would flow out me. I used to be able to paint vivid stories, form sentences that were stringed together by the finest silk. I used to make people cry, laugh and smile. I miss that. I miss the feel of pages against my fingers and the feel of the pen gliding across the page. I’ve been so focus on trying to figure what I want to be, on figuring out the endgame that I haven’t relaxed. There are so many things I want to do, accomplish and see. I know whatever I decide to do needs to have an outlet for me to create. I look around I try my very best not to compare myself to others. To not confuse my own path with theirs. Everything happens for a reason and I for one know that better than anyone. But still I can’t help the little negativity monster from creeping on my shoulder.

Reflecting on the year so far I’m trying to focus on what I’ve done rather than what I haven’t.  I scored 100+ followers on this blog, made the dean’s list twice, landed an assistant director position and performed. I even traveled to two countries! And possibly a third very soon. The fall has a lot of exciting things in the work. SO much that I’m kinda scared. I’m trying my best to be there for me, my family and those I care about. So, for the rest of year I’ve made a promise to myself. Okay, a couple promises just in case I can’t keep one. I promise to focus on creating content. Whether it’d through music, art or writing. I plan to actively seek more opportunities and trusting in HIS plan. I plan to make time for the people I love. I plan to work on me. I hope you’re ready. I’m not sure I am. I might lose some sleep and possibly some hair. But my motto until the end of 2019 is, “Faith, trust, pixie dust and a lot of coffee.”


“But there was a difference between being stuck and choosing to stay. Between being found and finding yourself.” 
― Martina Boone, Compulsion

That’s a Wrap Under the Sea!

We waited excitedly off stage. Peeking I could see the crowd. We were finally performing in front of an audience and I had no idea how they were going to react. The months of rehearsal and grueling tech week were leading up to this moment. Once I saw the streamers fall indicating Ursula’s lair was now in place, I was gliding myself across the stage. This was the moment. I had no idea how the audience was going to react to my lines but I was excited.


But let’s rewind to tech week. Tech week was brutal. It was long and for those who weren’t in a lot of scenes we were either eating or practicing. Tech week is mainly for the crew that oversee lights, sound, music and props. Therefore, there is a lot of stops and goes so that they are ready. I could feel myself getting anxious as the week progressed. We started late a few times and I wasn’t sure what reaction I was going to get. I kept switching my voice and trying to carry my lines differently.  It was nerve wrecking.


It’s was a whirlwind of 9 shows, each with a unique audience. Some laughed out loud and some waited for the end of the show to burst into applauds. I spent hours in heavy makeup and a mo-hawk of green hair twirled into buns. Safe to say my skin and hair are enjoying the break. Some of my favorite moments involved being backstage and making all of the songs into villain songs. For example Scuttle ‘Positoovity’ song turned into Negatoovity. Moments I cherished revolved around everyone’s reaction to Ursula strutting out for the first time and dancing behind the curtain during ‘Kiss the Girl.’ We even made a few kids cry. I won’t lie that made me a little happy. I guess I did my character good!


I’m grateful for the people I got to grow close too. I’m thankful for my partner. We came a long way from the first rehearsal. We worked hard trying to get into our characters and finding our voice. Thanks to Magaly for helping me explore my actor side/evilness. Thank you to the cast for always having a good time. Thank you Frankie for an amazing production. Thank you to everyone who made the show possible! Lastly , thank you to everyone who came out to support me! It meant the world to me!


Being Jetsam was a learning experience. I got to tap into my evil side. I got to learn how to move on stage like an eel which I’m sure will come in handy…one day. Team Evil will forever remain in my heart.  I lay my eel puppet down in gratitude.

I wonder what my next show will be. I wonder what my next step is.

Making into The Little Mermaid

I’ve just finished performing The Little Mermaid at the Seminole Theater and instead of recovering and relaxing I’ve been prepping for my brother’s baby shower. So have I slept? Not for a few weeks. Do I need a break? Desperately.

But regardless I get a lot of questions asking about the audition process at Seminole. It’s nothing too scary. You come to the audition with a song of 12-18 measures prepared to sing in front of a few people. You’ll be placed in groups according to your number. There are three stations you’ll rotate to. Vocal, acting and dancing. Everyone at the Seminole are incredibly kind and make the audition process feel like a breeze.

I know for The Little Mermaid over 100 people showed up to audition. It was long mainly due to the fact the auditions were for two separate plays. Aida and The Little Mermaid. But it was very fun with everyone being supportive of each other.

For those who didn’t know I played Jetsam, Ursula’s hench-woman. Playing Jetsam was interesting because I’ve never played a slimy, creepy eel before. It took awhile to feel comfortable using a puppet and mimicking movements of an eel. I was only in about five scenes which meant I wasn’t at rehearsal as much as the ensemble. My rehearsal schedule was split between vocal and scenes. Closer to show time we would run the acts.

The longest hardest week for any actor is tech week. Tech week isn’t essentially for the actor but for the tech crew. We are running sounds, music, mics, lights, set transitions and costume changes. It consists of long hours and having to repeat a lot of scenes. But it’s much needed.

Now opening night? That was a whirlwind. Stay tune!


Traveling to Ancient Egypt!

A few weeks ago I took a trip back in time to ancient Egypt. It was heart pounding, emotional and breath taking. Now I didn’t really go back in time. I don’t have the technology for it yet but the stage at The Seminole Theater magically transformed to tell the story of two star crossed lovers. No not Romeo and Juliet. I did mention Egypt didn’t I? Radames and Aida. A slave and a soldier. Aida takes place in ancient Egypt and boy did the Seminole do a terrific job of making the audience feel as if they were there. C00A0096

There are three things I loved most about this production. The first is the music. The music is from Elton John so right off the back you know it’s going to be great. From ballads to high tempos and African beats the music flowed through the scenes moving the story along.

The next thing I love was the dancing. I wanted to go up on stage and join them! Everyone looked so into it and you couldn’t help but tap your foot and wiggle your body in your seat!

Obviously the last thing I loved about the play was the story itself and the actors that brought it to life. I’m very picky on whether I can feel what the actors are trying to portray but Charles Benitez (Radames) and Toddra Brunson (Aida) did a great job at making the audience and I fall in love. It was a beautiful show that I wished I was apart of.

But the summer shows aren’t done. The Seminole Theater has another show dropping today until next weekend. Let’s just say it involves a certain mermaid falling in love with a human.

Wait…wow summer at the theater is all about love!

Oh, and I may or may not be trying to help a certain sea witch on stage!

Splash around at the Seminole Theater and enjoy The Little Mermaid August 2-4, 9-11! Tickets on sale now! But I would suggest taking a rain coat. We have a few tricks up our scales!

Rain, Rain, Come Again

It’s the tender sound of water hitting against my bedroom window seems to calm the anxieties that course through my body.

The sound of distant thunder makes me wrap myself in a warm blanket. 

The eerie calmness of my darkened bedroom makes me hug my pillows tighter.

In these quiet moments I calm my mind. I reflect on my day. I think about tomorrow. 

I breathe. 

The rain begins to hit my window and I let myself drift into sleep. 

I dream of possibilities, happiness and laughter.

The rain has always been a constant companion of mine.

Forever washing away every doubt and worry.

One of my favorite things.

black close up dark dew
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Summer Look Book 2019

If you haven’t noticed that you’ve been extra sweaty lately than you have not realized that it’s summer. And with summer comes sweat…a lot of it. But also beach days, sun, sun showers, shorts and lots of color.

Now 100% I am a Fall/Winter girl but I have been enjoying stretching my legs and getting some form of color.

There are many ways to dress for the summer. Something everyone recommends is anything that can breathe. Your skin is sweating which means it’s trying to cool your body down. The way to do that is to wear clothes that are not only light in color but in material. I tend to stick to shorts and lightweight tanks or shirts.

Being from Miami we love to wear color and matching two-piece sets. So below are some examples of outfits that I’ve worn/will wear this summer season. Although a piece of me is upset I didn’t capture the outfit I am currently wearing. Picture this a lace tank, denim shorts and a kimono, very boho chic.

One thing you’ll be quick to notice is that in each outfit I am wearing the same shoes. Now whether that was a style choice or that I was too lazy to change shoes you’ll never know. But it works regardless.



Shorts- Ross

Kimono- Tjmaxx

Sandals- Target

Bodysuit- Tjmaxx




Top- Sears

Jeans- American Eagle

Sandals- Target



Two- Piece Suit- Target

Hat- Target

Sandals- Target



Top- Sears

Shorts- Tjmaxx

Sandals- Target



Two-Piece Suit- Target

Sandals- Target



Top- Kohls

Kimono- Tjmaxx

Pants- Target

Sandals- Target


Now that is officially my summer day time looks. There is a multitude of looks that I could have created but this is just a few. I think we can all agree that Target should sponsor me. I would say 65% of my wardrobe is Target. So Target holler at ya girl!

Now stay tune because summer night looks are underway. How to stay cool and still look sexy chic will be hitting your screen in a week!

Lazy Sundays 10

Lazy Sundays.

Sundays are for being lazy.

They are perfect for lounging in comfy sweats.

No makeup, no contacts.

Cooking your favorite meal.

Cuddling on the couch with a warm blanket and watching your favorite movies.

The rest of the week is daunting, busy and exhausting.

But Sundays…

Sundays are where you can forget your worries.

Shake the stress off and relax.

I love Sundays. 

It’s one of my favorite days.

How am I spending my Sunday?

Finishing homework, planning what I’m cooking and debating if I really want to watch a Christmas movie in June.

The answer?

Of course!

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