Books & Books 9

The door chimes open and my body is buzzing with excitement.

Walking through the aisles my hands automatically began to run over the countless books.

Each hold a different story. Different sets of characters facing different adventures. 

There is something about the smell of a book shop that makes me happy.

So many new things to discover.

I could spend hours at a bookstore and never grow tired. 

A cup of tea and a good book does wonders for the soul.

One of my favorite places. A place where I can be alone yet surrounded by others who feel the same.

A place where I can lose myself in a story.

blur book stack books bookshelves
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The Kitchen 8

The smell is intoxicating. It fills my senses. 

The sound is intoxicating. It fills my senses.

My eyes are bright and my hands move on their own without my command.

The onions and garlic sizzle in a pan of oil making a sweet melody. 

The smell of garam masala washes my senses and I immediately feel comfort. 

I sway back and forth to the rhythm of my own making.

The kitchen is my kingdom where I rule.

Recipes are mere guidelines where you easily wiggle around.

The kitchen is exciting, delicious, inventive, creative. 

In the kitchen I find peace.

It’s one of my favorite things.


A Simple Cup of Coffee 6

The smell is hypnotic. It fills my senses with warmth. My blood begins to buzz through my veins. The sun is beginning to rise and paint the sky in beautiful bright orange, pinks and reds. The world is at a stand still. The grass is glittered with morning dew.


Image by Isabel Barreiro

It’s quiet as people make their way around the shop. I sit alone at a table, laptop in hand. I wonder how today will go. Quickly the sound of Elvis Presley sparks joy to my ears. My name is called from afar and I make my way over with a small smile. The cup is warm. I take a deep breath inhaling the bittersweet smell. The taste hits the tip of my tongue with full force. My eyes widen in gladness and my body begins to come alive. 

Image by Isabel Barreiro

It’s a simple latte. One I look forward to each morning. A simple addictive drink that turns me from zombie to human within a few minutes. One of the things I enjoy most in life.


Image by Isabel Barreiro

A simple cup of coffee.


Image by Isabel Barreiro

Me: The Good, The Bad, The Sorta Ugly 5

Oh you read the title right. Yep. My final blog post (for my assignment) is dedicated to me. And no I don’t mean in a selfish way. I decided to make the last post about the most important thing that I love. Me. Saying I love you to someone is difficult but looking in the mirror and telling yourself I love you while meaning it is the hardest.

Growing up I was painfully shy and felt extremely awkward in my body. I was quick to notice while other girls had curves and were short I was tall and thin. I felt uncomfortable. I vividly remember being 10 years old and thinking that I wasn’t even cute. Cute! Nope, didn’t see it. And it wasn’t until after high school that I stopped caring about what other people thought and cared about what I thought about myself. I learned to embrace everything I didn’t like about myself. I also made sure to give myself compliments because at some point I started to believe them.

Now I see myself differently. Now I love who I see in the mirror. She isn’t perfect. She has her faults and her ugly days. I still have a long way to go. But I know that the reason I am able to love who I am is not only because of me but because of who I’m surrounded by. Friends, family and dare I say it God (although him and I are still a work in progress). But overall I’m happy with the face smiling back. So in honor of loving myself I’ve decided to not only share my favorite pictures but to share some of the cringy ones I’ve taken over the years.

Oh the cringe is here…

Still cringing. Currently hiding my face behind a pillow.

Okay so some improvement is happening.

Okay I’m starting to breathe.

51352819_2599018930114459_4522392600371527680_n And that’s me now! What a beauty!

Looking through these photos I’ve changed a lot. And no not just in height! There are three things I noticed.

  1. I was a cute toddler! Like seriously! Way to go mama!
  2. I have and will always have a big cheesy smile.
  3. I will forever make funny faces in the camera.

I guess some things never change…except my hair color.

Now my assignment has come to an end. I hope you all enjoyed the ride! And I hope I get a good grade!

Minha família 4

Family. You don’t pick and choose who you are related to. But you do choose how you treat them and how you want them to treat you. It took me a long time to understand that no one’s family is perfect no matter how it seems. Everyone has their own faults and dirty closets. But there are times when they surprise you. My family is interesting. We’ve had and will have our ups and downs but believe me when I say if someone tries to come after me or hurt me they have my back 100%. They are apart of me and have made me who I am today. They’re the reason I love cartoons, fashion, soccer, cars and makeup. Each of my family members have taught me a lesson and shown me how to view the world from different angles and to them I am grateful. I love you guys. Also…please don’t get mad if I didn’t get a picture of everyone. Halfway through finding pictures I got annoyed and gave up. My shoulder blade is also in a lot of pain from spending three hours putting all these posts together. What can I say? I got tired. 


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My Ohana 3

We are about to get really sappy so brace yourself. Alright, buckle in the seat belt. Get tissues if you think you might need them because this post is about something I love and is very important to me. Friends. I love my friends. And I know everyone says that. But for me they’re important. I’ve had people come and go in my life. There are a few people who have remained constant in my life and who have surprised me. A lesson I’ve learned in life (which I think is very important, especially to my ladies) is that friends can end up being your family. Family doesn’t just mean blood. It means people who care for you, love you, want what’s best for you, support you and occasionally knock some sense into you. Therefore I want to say thank you to the people who have come into my life and made a difference. Whether we still talk or don’t anymore thank you. Now I don’t have pictures of everyone so don’t get your panties in a twist. I was just too lazy to find them all but you know who you are. Also it’s probably just a sign that we need to hang out and take pictures…that is whenever I have free time. I’m a busy woman.


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The Music Woman 2

I love music. I honestly don’t think I could live without it. There are only a handful of things in which my brain understands. Writing, nature, coffee, food and music. I guess I can call myself a musician. I don’t practice piano all the time but I’ve been known to tickle the ivories every once in awhile. And I also sing…all the time. No, seriously all the time. When I’m in the shower, in the car, home alone or even buying groceries. I’m just constantly singing. For almost four years I’ve been acting in musicals at my local theater, the Seminole Theater and I love it. I’ve been lucky enough to have worn many faces on stage. I’ve been Columbia in Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lou Ann in Hairspray and my personal favorite, Carla in In The Heights. Soon I’ll be Jetsam the evil eel in their production of the Little Mermaid.

Down below are a few pictures from the shows and some clips of my voice recitals!



In The Heights


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I’ve been Bitten by the Travel Bug 1

Now I’ve mentioned my travels on my blog before and it’s no brainier that I love to travel. I was bitten by the beautiful creature when I was young. My mind was always astounded by the mystery that is the airport. The airport is filled with thousands of people zooming by and off to faraway places. It always excited me as a child, seeing the names of different cities from all over. I always enjoyed learning about new places and people.

So down below is a series of pictures from different places that I’ve been too in different points of my life.

Our first stop is Portugal. The motherland. And by motherland I literally mean my mother’s land. My mom was born and raised in a tiny village (yes village) in the mountains of Northern Portugal. I have been lucky enough to have gone there a handful of times and let me tell you I love it. So here are a few pictures of Portugal at different times!


Our next stop is Maryland with a slight detour to Washington D.C. My mom’s best friend lives in a Maryland. We’ve visited her twice. Once for fun and the other to watch her son (my brother from another mother) get married. Both trips ended with a stop in D.C. And both times it was incredibly hot!

Sticking with the U.S. I’ve been to New Jersey for a concert, swung by New York City for the first time and had to push my best friend in a wheelchair. Let’s just say that was an experience. I even got to go back to New York and took my mom along for the ride. Her amazement at the big apple was one for the books.

Recently I’ve gotten to go to London and Dublin for a girl’s trip. It has definitely been one of my favorites. I did a separate blog post on it so I won’t get into too much detail.

Now to end this post traveling doesn’t always mean having to get on a plane. It could simply mean driving thirty minutes away. And there are two places I love going to whenever I want a few minutes of relaxation and that’s Gilbert’s in Key Largo and the Starbucks on Old Cutler. And yes I did say Starbucks. There’s a beautiful trail and an ocean view. What’s not to love?


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A Few of My Favorite Things Series

I want to start of this post by saying, “Hi Professor Arteaga!” The rest of you might find it weird that I am singling out my teacher but it’s only because he is going to be reading my blog for academic purposes. You see I’ve been given a blog assignment. I’m lucky enough to already have a blog! At least that’s what I thought at first. I than actually read the directions and realized I have to post five blog posts. Five! I try my best to do once a week but five?! Jeez, alright Professor.

Despite the weight of the number five on my shoulders I think this assignment will be a good push for me. It’s summer and I have the time so why not? Now I can’t just write anything. I have to write about a theme. Flipping through old pictures I debated on what I would talk about. And than for some odd reason I heard Julie Andrews singing My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music. In a flash it came to me! The next five blog posts will be about the things I love! The theme is me! Now I love a lot of things but I’ve made a list and I’m excited to share it with you all! Now don’t worry I’ll be numbering the posts that way you can follow along because yes there is an order to my madness.

I wonder if Professor Arteaga will be giving me extra credit seeing how this is an introduction to my assignment…I mean it would be nice

Without further adieu please look for the blog post titled, “I’ve been Bitten by the Travel Bug.” And begin!

For a Moment 7

For a moment the rain pitter patters against my window and time is still.

For a moment the house is quiet and I can only hear my breathing. I can only feel my heart beat under my chest.

Have you ever noticed how soothing the rain can be? The tiny droplets cascade down the windowpane without a care in the world. The calmness floats around you and holds you in a warm hug.

For a moment I close my eyes and let it glide across my muscles. My mind which is filled with endless thoughts slows. My heart which is always in a state of confusion, fear or excitement relaxes.

For a moment I’m surrounded by serenity’s beauty.

But than a crack of lightening and the roar of thunder snaps me back into reality like a rubber band.

For a moment it was nice.

Now I sigh, wrap myself tighter in my blanket and continue to watch season 2 of Cheers on Netflix.